Binance Conducts Lie Detector Test on Brand Ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo

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binance conducts lie detector test on brand ambassador cristiano ronaldo
binance conducts lie detector test on brand ambassador cristiano ronaldo 3

Crypto exchange Binance recently had football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo take a lie detector test, the soccer icon revealed in a viral tweet.

Ronaldo called it “one of my hardest challenges yet” and promised the full video is coming soon. Binance likely sought to validate Ronaldo’s crypto endorsement.

According to Source, The test aimed to gauge the legitimacy of Ronaldo’s interest in cryptocurrency and involvement with Binance. It provided an unconventional way to merge technology with celebrity endorsement.

But it also sparked debate on the ethics and limits of lie detector exams. Ultimately, leveraging Ronaldo’s fame could attract his legions of fans to explore Binance.

Validating the Partnership

In the surprise tweet, Ronaldo stated: “Binance gave me one of my hardest challenges yet – facing the lie detector. Full video coming soon, stay tuned”.

The post quickly amassed millions of likes and comments as speculation grew. The purpose seemed to be affirming the credibility of Ronaldo’s sponsorship.

Binance likely wanted to endorse Ronaldo’s sincerity through the pseudo-scientific means of a polygraph exam. Content featuring the test results can showcase “proof” of his genuine backing.

The test’s timing coincided with Ronaldo unveiling his second Binance-hosted NFT drop. Binance is leveraging its celebrity ambassador to maximize publicity.

Debate on Lie Detectors

But polygraph tests have drawn scrutiny from scientists who contest their accuracy and evidentiary value.

The technology remains controversial, with a tendency for false positives and negatives. Results can be swayed by subject stress levels and test conditions.

Some argued the stunt recklessly promoted lie detectors despite their unreliability. Others saw it as an innovative blend of tech and entertainment.

Binance’s goal was likely increasing credibility, not scientific rigor. The ensuing debate sparked global interest and attention on its brand ambassador.

Drawing in Ronaldo’s Fans

Regardless of the test’s validity, featuring football icon Cristiano Ronaldo attracts his legions of devotees worldwide.

Tapping into Ronaldo’s fame and merchandising power offers massive publicity potential if even a small fraction of his fans explore Binance as a result.

The company can pitch its platform as integral to Ronaldo’s ventures while benefiting from his celebrity appeal. The unconventional lie detector angle stirred extra interest and coverage.

For Binance, the ability to engage with Ronaldo’s captive audience justifies the PR stunt, despite debates on the exam’s scientific merit.

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