Cristiano Ronaldo Sets the Crypto World on Fire with His Exclusive Second NFT Collection on Binance

cristiano ronaldo - second nft collection on binance
cristiano ronaldo – second nft collection on binance

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned Portuguese football icon, has recently unveiled his highly anticipated second NFT collection exclusively on Binance. The collection, known as “The CR7 NFT Collection,” is a follow-up to Ronaldo’s successful debut NFT release and offers fans a chance to own unique digital assets commemorating his legendary career.

The CR7 NFT Collection: An Immortalization of Ronaldo’s Legacy

“The CR7 NFT Collection” is designed to immortalize Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible legacy that football fans have cherished for over two decades. The collection features seven animated NFT statues, each depicting an iconic moment from Ronaldo’s storied career. These NFTs are available in four different rarity levels, namely Super Super Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R), and Normal (N), with each rarity level offering its own set of benefits and perks for NFT holders [1][2].

Rarity Levels and Owner Perks

The highest rarity level, Super Super Rare (SSR), consists of seven NFTs and features a statue of Ronaldo performing his legendary bicycle kick. Owners of SSR NFTs have the exclusive opportunity to virtually meet and greet Ronaldo, receive a signed NFT statue from him, and obtain a signed Ronaldo Binance shirt. Additionally, they are automatically whitelisted for all future CR7 drops, receive a free CR7 Mystery Box from a future collection, and can enter giveaways to win Ronaldo and Binance merchandise.

The Super Rare (SR) rarity level includes two NFT statues: “The Undisputed” and “The Coronation.” The former showcases Ronaldo surrounded by a mountain of trophies and titles, while the latter depicts Ronaldo receiving his iconic No.7 shirt. SR NFT owners enjoy perks such as a signed Ronaldo Binance shirt, automatic whitelisting for future CR7 drops, a free CR7 Mystery Box from a future collection, and entry into contests to win exclusive Ronaldo and Binance merchandise.

The Rare (R) and Normal (N) rarity levels offer additional NFT statues that represent different stages of Ronaldo’s career. These NFTs come with benefits such as free CR7 Mystery Boxes, entry into contests to win exclusive Ronaldo and Binance merchandise, and a chance to be part of Ronaldo’s remarkable journey.

Auction and Subscription Mechanism

To make “The CR7 NFT Collection” accessible to fans, Binance NFT Marketplace organized an auction for the rarest NFTs from the collection. This auction featured five Super Super Rare (SSR) NFTs, twenty Super Rare (SR) NFTs, and twenty Rare (R) NFTs. Bidders had the opportunity to own these unique NFTs, with prices starting at 10,000 BUSD for the SSR NFTs and 1,700 BUSD for the SR and R NFTs.

For the Rare (R) and Normal (N) NFTs, Binance implemented a Subscription Mechanism that required users to meet a minimum daily average BNB holding of 0.1 BNB during the Preparation Phase. Qualified users were then allocated participation tickets for the NFT primary sales, allowing them to enter contests and potentially acquire Rare and Normal NFTs from the collection [3].

Excitement Builds Around Ronaldo’s Second NFT Collection

With the launch of Cristiano Ronaldo’s highly anticipated second NFT collection, excitement has reached new heights among football fans and crypto enthusiasts alike. The opportunity to own digital assets that celebrate Ronaldo’s remarkable career has drawn considerable attention to Binance NFT Marketplace. As the collection continues to captivate audiences, fans eagerly anticipate future drops and the chance to engage with their football idol through these innovative digital creations.

As Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy continues to evolve both on and off the football field, his venture into the world of NFTs has further cemented his position as an influential figure in the realm of digital collectibles. Through “The CR7 NFT Collection,” fans can now relive Ronaldo’s iconic moments and own a piece of football history in a unique and digitized form.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s second NFT collection exclusively available on Binance offers fans an unprecedented opportunity to engage with his legacy. The collection’s rarity levels and associated perks add a layer of excitement and exclusivity to the ownership experience. With the success of his debut NFT release, Ronaldo’s venture into the digital collectibles market continues to shape the intersection between sports, technology, and blockchain innovation.


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