Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Confirms Owning Bitcoin Worth $414,000

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robert f. kennedy jr. confirms owning bitcoin worth $414,000
robert f. kennedy jr. confirms owning bitcoin worth $414,000 3

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. acknowledged he personally owns bitcoin, confirming earlier financial disclosures showing crypto holdings worth up to $250,000.

In an interview Wednesday, Kennedy said he purchased 14 bitcoin for his children after speaking at a crypto conference in May when bitcoin traded near $27,000. Those 14 bitcoin are now worth approximately $414,000 at current prices.

Kennedy’s ownership contradicts his previous statement denying he invested in bitcoin. His campaign originally claimed the holdings belonged to his wife before clarifying Kennedy himself held the assets.

Supportive of Crypto

The disclosure aligns with Kennedy’s supportive stance on bitcoin and crypto. He spoke positively about bitcoin during the May conference and reaffirmed his commitment to crypto last week.

If elected president, Kennedy said he would exempt bitcoin from capital gains taxes and back the dollar with assets like bitcoin. He aims to position crypto as a strategic American industry.

“I want the United States to be the leader in Bitcoin,” Kennedy told interviewer Scott Melker. He described potential “enormous advantages” from crypto and blockchain technology.

His confirmation of personal bitcoin investments lends further credibility to Kennedy’s crypto-friendly platform. He now has significant assets tied to the industry.

Disclosure Confusion

Kennedy denied owning any bitcoin earlier this month after his holdings appeared on a mandatory financial disclosure form.

The contradictions and reversals created confusion around the true nature of Kennedy’s crypto investments. He initially disavowed the assets before admitting they belonged to him.

While Kennedy now recognizes the bitcoin as his own, the back and forth drew scrutiny around his campaign’s transparency. Critics pointed to the changing narrative as evidence of ongoing issues.

However, his candid acknowledgment this week helps clear up the disclosure discrepancies. Kennedy himself is on record verifying he bought 14 bitcoin in May.

The saga illustrates ongoing gaps between crypto and norms around financial disclosures. As more politicians interact with digital assets, reporting rules may need revisiting.

In Kennedy’s case, his confirmation of personal bitcoin investments validates his vocally pro-crypto platform. He now has nearly half a million dollars of his own capital in the industry.

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