Crypto Ad marketplace Bitmedia sets the pace for best leads and lowest CPM

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offering the best leads and lowest cpm

Bitmedia, a leading Ad marketplace, has set the bar high for advertisements within the crypto space. It links crypto firms with potential users/clients via a network of publishers.

Besides being a pioneer in the field of crypto advertisement, the marketplace has proven to be a reliable platform for crypto firms like coins/tokens, wallets, and crypto exchanges. The crypto firms simply sign up for an account and choose where they wish to display their ads from a list of publishers. That way, the crypto firms are able to display their ads to millions of potential clients.

As a digital advertising platform, Bitmedia has been a great contributor to the growth of crypto since it has continuously provided a platform for crypto projects to get noticed by the general public through publishers.

Smart advertising for publishers

Bitmedia has come out to be the acme of digital marketing within the crypto space with its algorithmic-powered Ad selection system. The selection system only shows the most relevant Ads depending on predetermined criteria. The publishers/advertisers have access to a set of tools to filter the type of traffic they get depending on the geographic location and device types among other criteria.

The algorithmic-powered Ad selection system simply ensures that the targeted audience is the right audience.

Bitmedia also allows advertisers to choose the type of Ad they want to display. It offers a variety of Ad formats that include Text Ads and Responsive Ads that can be customized to the publisher’s theme.

Additionally, publishers also get to choose the revenue model that they would prefer. Publishers can either choose to use the cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), or floor CPM.

By choosing the floor CPM model, publishers assume control of whose ads show up on their websites.

Bitmedia achievements

Since it was founded in 2014, Bitmedia has seen a great expansion over the years to become the leading digital advertising platform it is today within the crypto space. The company reached 1000 ad campaigns served in 2015, just a year after it was founded, and by 2017 it was serving more than 1 billion monthly Ad impressions.

By end of 2020, Bitmedia had over 7000 active publishers and in 2021 it added PR to the range of its existing services.

This year, besides leading the way in crypto advertisements, the crypto Ads firm launched the Bitmedia Charity Fund, which is a non-profit organization established to support Ukrainians affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The charity fund donated more than $250,000 in crypto to a number of charities operating in Ukraine during the first three months of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So far Ukraine has received over $68 million in crypto donations.

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