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Mavia joins Machinations’ Health Monitoring Service 

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Blockchain-based P2E MMO strategy game Heroes of Mavia, developed by Skrice Studios, joined Machinations’ Game Economy Health Monitoring Service to help create a sustainable and healthy in-game economy and benefit all stakeholders, Invezz learned from a press release.

Machinations to monitor Mavia’s game economy

Upon fulfilling the requirements of Machinations, a world-leading game economy platform, Mavia will receive the “Verified by Machinations” seal. The organization will continue to monitor its game economy thereafter, based on Web3 market data and live telemetry, to help developers fix any potential issues.

Mihai Gheza, co-founder and CEO of Machinations, commented:

Ever since the team at Mavia started using Machinations, we’ve been impressed with their commitment to delivering a perfectly balanced game economy to their fantastic community. As of today, we’re excited to have them go through our Game Economy Health Monitoring process and support them in building & maintaining a healthy game economy for Heroes of Mavia.

Machinations’ Health Monitoring Service gives developers the insight and tools to avoid economic issues and create and maintain a healthy game economy. Tristan Chaudhry, Managing Director of Skrice Studios, said:

At Mavia, we are determined to create the best experience for our players. Our standards demand the best graphics, and the game economy must be sustainable long-term. We are pushing the boundaries of what it means to make a AAA-quality blockchain game. We are partnering with Machinations to validate Mavia’s economic health and obtain the Verified by Machinations seal.

Healthy economy leads to more opportunities for economic advancement

Mavia’s long-term success is partly contingent on its ability to maintain a sustainable in-game economy. The game is emerging as one of the biggest P2E games focusing on competitive gaming and esports.

A healthy game economy offers players more opportunities for economic advancement and increases revenue for the DAO at the same time. These two goals exist in balance, reflected by the “Verified by Machinations” seal.

Tristan Chaudhry added:

Machinations will give our team the ability to simulate and test the game economy during development and continuously monitor the game economy in production. The Mavia team has been working with Machinations to drive the standard for the future of all Web3 games. With this partnership, Mavia is showing our dedication to our community to maintaining standards on all aspects of the game.

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