The Sandbox partners with Samyang AANI to create Samyang Foods’ LAND

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The Sandbox, a virtual gaming world where players build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences, has partnered with media business associates of Samyang Foods, Samyang AANI. The two will work together to build Samyang Foods’ LAND in The Sandbox metaverse.

🍜 It was just ramen to be…We’ve partnered with Samyang AANI to build #SamyangFoods LAND in the #metaverse!

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— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) June 17, 2022

The Sandbox users will be able to interact with the NFTs of Samyang Foods.

Additionally, The Sandbox participants will be able to purchase the Samyang Foods’ virtual LAND.

According to Cindy Lee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea:

“We are excited to be with Samyang which has been loved as Korea’s well-known food brand for a long time. They are leading the global food trend through the development of globally hit products such as Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen. This partnership is a great example of collaboration between a food brand and metaverse for new experiences never seen before.”

Samyang AANI

Samyang AANI, is a popular affiliate of Samyang Foods and it is in charge of the content-based metaverse NFT business of Samyang Foods. It is also in charge of the property rights of the NFTs.

Samyang AANI is currently working on expanding its online sales with an e-commerce business model targeting millennials. Its partnership with The Sandbox just amplifies this objective since it exposes Samyang Foods to a global market that has long-term visibility.

Following the partnership, Jaden Kang, COO of Samyang AANI said:

“We are going to create a new culture that enables new experiences to be enjoyed with consumers around the world with numerous brand and content IP assets that Samyang Foods Group has accumulated over the past 60 years by expanding through global NFT and metaverse platform. It is a pleasure to become the first food company to build food-themed LAND in K-verse, focusing on K-Content.”

Samyang Foods

Samyang Foods is a leading food enterprise and it is renowned for its products like Flavor Ramen and Hot Chicken. It partnership with The Sandbox shows how even food ventures can benefit from the metaverse world.

The partnership will see Samyang establish a culture that helps customers get new experiences around the globe. It will also help Samyang expand its services into the metaverse as its latest content IP and brand assets continue gathering global recognition.

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