DeFiChain sponsors National Fighting Championship to target ‘crypto-curious’ people in Germany | Invezz

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defichain sponsors national fighting championship to target ‘crypto-curious’ people in germany | invezz


DeFiChain (DFI/USD), best known for its leading blockchain on the Bitcoin network to bring decentralized financial applications and services, said in a Tuesday press release its community voted to sponsor Germany’s equivalent of UFC, the National Fighting Championship (NFC).

DeFiChain will have immediate access to expose its brand to the largest mixed martial arts league in Germany. Specifically, DeFiChain will sponsor five major events that are broadcasted on German television and across social media channels. 

The first event is NFC 13 Westfalenhallen Dortmund on March 25 with subsequent events in May, September, November, and December.

A ‘lasting effect’ in German sports

DeFiChain’s new partnership is the result of a growing community base in the German market. The company said in its press release its market research has found many crypto users and developers are highly interested in fighting sports.

DeFiChain expects to attract “crypto-curious” people as part of a relationship that will have a “lasting effect” on the German MMA scene, Managing Director of the NFC Michael Ortlepp commented in the press release. He added:

“It is a great joy and privilege for us to announce our partnership with DeFiChain. NFC as well as DeFiChain follow the same values and goals and are made for a great partnership.”

10,000€ “Fighter of the Night Bonus”

DeFiChain is sponsoring a 10,000€ “Fighter of the Night Bonus” in which fighters earn a bonus paid directly in DFI in their Wallet. The fighters can spend the currency or use it to invest in the DeFiChain platform that offers dStocks or liquidity mining.

A “Fan of the Night Bonus” will also award a random fan with 1,000DFI, provided they have an existing DeFiChain Wallet installed. Benedikt Keck, Project Lead NFC Sponsoring at DeFiChain stated:

“I’m really happy about the partnership between us and the team of With the DeFiChain sponsored 10,000€ “Fighter of the Night Bonus” we are able to give the fighters the appreciation they deserve. Our community is looking forward to being part of this fantastic fighting community,”


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