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oraichain price prediction as ai growth accelerates altsignals (asi) presale | invezz


Artificial Intelligence powered crypto projects like Oraichain and AltSignals are looking to revolutionise the industry in various ways, and their potential has investors increasingly interested.

AltSignals’s ASI and Oraichain’s ORAI are different tokens set to impact different sections of the crypto market as the AI integration takes a major leap. A price prediction such as this looks at how their native utility tokens could perform in a market expected to experience massive growth.

AI narrative picks pace in crypto

Be it via AI-powered trading systems like that of AltSignals, or Oraichain’s decentralised AI applications, the growth potential seems to be gathering pace.

And recent developments from tech giants Google and Microsoft have only helped highlight how AI-enabled marketplaces, trading algorithms, market prediction and portfolio management platforms could be the next big thing for investors.

While ChatGPT and Bard continue to illustrate what’s possible with large language models, in crypto its AI tokens like Fetch.ai, SingularityNET and Render that are leading the charge.

The AltSignals presale, whose first stage is 74% sold out, suggests the interest in this category of tokens has only increased with the uptick in the AI narrative in crypto.

What is AltSignals’ AI layer?

AltSignals is a trading platform founded in 2017. It provides trading signals to more than 50,000 traders across cryptocurrency, stocks and forex markets. Currently, users access the trading alerts, indicators and other tools via the company’s AltAlgo algorithm.

Though already a successful business, the AltSignals team see integration with artificial intelligence as the next big step. That’s what has led to the development of an AI-powered layer dubbed ActualizeAI.

Set to launch in the second half of 2023, ActualizeAI will leverage the power of machine learning, natural language processing and advanced sentiment analysis to bump the accuracy of its trading signals. Predictive modelling, regression and AutoML are all features that will supercharge ActualizeAI, resulting in higher accuracy for trading signals.

Powering the AI layer will be the ASI token. As a utility token, ASI will give holders access to the ActualizeAI platform and members club. 

In terms of tokenomics, the project’s whitepaper outlines a total supply of 500,000,000 ASI tokens. The presale will see 290,000,000 tokens, or 58% available to investors in 5 stages.

The token is currently in presale, which interested investors can join here, and will soon be live across major exchange platforms, including leading DEX Uniswap.

What is Oraichain? Similarities with AltSignals?

Oraichain is a decentralised blockchain ecosystem that launched in 2020. It offers an oracle solution that allows for the integration of AI into blockchain applications. Specifically, Oraichain’s infrastructure is designed to allow for utilisation of AI data in smart contracts.

Like AltSignals, Oraichain taps into machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics. Projects and ecosystem users can leverage these AI data and services in their smart contracts-enabled applications.

To help power platform transactions and interactions, the Oraichain team unveiled the ORAI token. Other than its use in governance and staking, ORAI is traded on multiple key exchanges, including KuCoin, Bitget and Uniswap.

Oraichain price prediction

In terms of price performance, the ORAI token reached its all-time high of $105 in February 2021. Although the bear market wiped out most of these gains, today’s ORAI price of $4.08 shows a more than 350% bounce from the all-time low of $0.9 hit in November 2022. The decline followed the collapse of FTX and indicates the potential for events to impact prices.

ORAI has also been impacted by recent headwinds like the recent turmoil in the banking system, cryptocurrency’s reaction to growing regulatory actions in the US and uncertainty from economic news.

While we cannot give the exact price of Oraichain at any given time, there are factors that could drive ORAI higher long term. This includes Oraichain’s product offering and investor interest in AI-powered blockchain projects as well as the broader market’s likely entry into a new bull phase.

oraichain price prediction as ai growth accelerates altsignals asi presaleoraichain price prediction as ai growth accelerates altsignals asi presale
Oraichain price chart showing ORAI/USDT pair on KuCoin. Source: TradingView

AltSignals price prediction for 2023

Analysts also believe that the AI narrative is just starting, suggesting that factors such as those mentioned above could also apply to ASI.

With ORAI up nearly 50% in the past two weeks, ASI presale at $0.015 looks like a huge discount given the expected jump to $0.02274 at the end of the presale. Entry into the secondary market via listing on leading exchanges could also rekindle demand and have ASI targeting early milestones such as $0.5 and $1 in late 2023 or early 2024.

However, it should be noted that markets are still largely impacted by various events and news and as such prices can fluctuate wildly within a short period. 

For instance, a negative flip for crypto amid macroeconomic headwinds could see tokens like ORAI and ASI struggle, with ASI price likely not to go as high as anticipated.

Can AltSignals’ ASI price reach $10 in 2025?

A look at Oraichain’s historical price data shows that the token jumped from a low of $10 in December 2020 to its ATH of $105 in February. That was during the previous bull market.

While historical data does not forecast future price performances, it is possible a rally for Bitcoin and major altcoins in a new bull market could be mirrored in the wider crypto AI space. Bitcoin’s halving in 2024 could be a huge trigger.

AltSignals, which will have launched its highly anticipated ActualizeAI layer, could ride the bullish flip to target key price milestones such as $10 in 2025.

As noted, the ASI presale price is at $0.015 after increasing 25% from $0.012. The token’s value will jump another 20% to $0.01875 and 12.5% to $0.021 before rising in the final presale stage to $0.02274.

If you are interested in the ASI token, visit their presale page for more details on how to buy.


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