Tangent launches on Cardano, highly anticipated website now live

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The growth and traction of Tangent, a new cryptocurrency project launching on the Cardano (ADA/USD) blockchain in 2022, is attracting a lot of attention from news outlets and other highly visible platforms.

Tangent’s website is now live, and the team also released its highly-anticipated whitepaper, Invezz learned from a press release. The presale of the TANG token starts in 24 days.  

Project launched on social media

When asked why the project was launched on social media first, Tangent cofounder Ben Gordon responded:

We really set out to shake up the blockchain space on Cardano and disrupt history. We had a game plan before launching that included our approach to both the technology and marketing. To be honest, we just didn’t have our thoughts completely documented into a format that would be considered available to the public at that time.

Tangent brings investors and artists together

Tangent is a permissionless platform aiming to bring artists, investors, and other interested parties together to get rewards, stake, and gain access to groundbreaking NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

TANG will be a governance token, enabling holders to vote on proposals related to use and development of Tangent, thereby participating in ecosystem governance directly. The community can vote on any proposal that meets the proposal thresholds set by the governance protocol.

Users monetize virtual assets and create new ones

Tangent’s real-life use cases include letting users monetize their virtual assets and giving them access to innovative financial services by creating new asset classes. An example is yield-generating NFTs backed by real-world and in-game assets, like minority shares in property in Japan.

Staking is the ‘most beneficial action’

TANG holders will be able to stake their tokens and their NFTs via their dApp. Tangent cofounder Clint Alexander pointed to staking as one of “the most beneficial actions for all participants.” Alexander, who met with many of the seed sale participants personally, added:

It is our plan to develop Tangent into a DAO-governed model or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which would further give our holders and community the key decision-making or voting rights to drive the organization forward.

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