World Mobile Token announces partnership with Chainlink (LINK)

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World Mobile Token has partnered with Chainlink (LINK/USD), a decentralized oracle network. Through this partnership, World Mobile will adopt Chainlink price feeds on the Polygon network to boost pricing accuracy for mobile payments.

World Mobile Token is the native token for the World Mobile network. It is the first mobile network created on the blockchain.

According to a press release, the World Mobile network will integrate Chainlink price feeds in ADA/USD, GBP/USD, TZN/USD and EUR/USD through this partnership. Chainlink price feeds are largely used across the blockchain space to provide timely data solutions to blockchain users.

The partnership will ensure the World Mobile network can accurately price mobile payments. The prices will reflect the fresh asset values on-chain, boosting reliability. The Chainlink oracle network will be used to access aggregated price data off-chain and deliver this data on-chain for use by the World Mobile Network.

In the announcement, World Mobile noted that it had adopted Chainlink due to its superior features, including security, decentralization, high-quality data and transparency.

Zachary Vann, the Head of Token at World Mobile Token, commented on the partnership, saying,

We’re delighted to collaborate with Chainlink, the leading oracle in the space. This is an important step towards helping ensure fair pricing for our customers as their use and rapid adoption of the network and sharing economy grows, powered by the utility of World Mobile Token.

The Chainlink blockchain has seen notable growth due to its oracle services. These services are needed to support smart contracts on any blockchain by enabling a reliable connection to external APIs and supporting secure off-chain computations.

The Chainlink network has been used to secure tens of billions of dollars in decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance, gaming and other industries. The network acts as a gateway to all blockchains in the sector. The benefits generated from adopting Chainlink oracle services have supported the growth of smart contracts.  

The CEO of World Mobile Token, Micky Watkins, noted that this partnership would boost the adoption of Chainlink in the telecom sector.

“We look forward to helping accelerate the growth of Chainlink as the industry-leading oracle network and the adoption of smart contract-based applications across the telecommunications industry, specifically in previously underserved regions,” Watkins added.

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