makes record airdrop on ETH L2

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182653449 s launched the biggest airdrop campaign ever done over an Ethereum layer 2 network (ETH/USD) on March 28, 2022. It amounts to as much as 1,200,000 gBRC tokens over time for users.

BRC stablecoin is immune to inflation

The platform’s disruptive stablecoin $BRC increases in price. It is deployed on Arbitrum, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution that provides low gas fees and fast transactions.

Incentives to join

Participants who buy a minimum of 100 $DAI in $BRC can receive additional airdrops in the form of $gBRC, the protocol’s governance token, which is currently trading on SushiSwap (SUSHI/USD). As additional engagement for the DeFi community, the token can be used as a staking booster together with $BRC.

The goal is to reach the allocated reward cap and the campaign will run each month until it is attained. It’s very easy to claim rewards with a dedicated airdrop page.

About is based on smart contracts and a bonding curve algorithm which makes continuous burning, minting, and price and supply calculation possible. With every $BRC minted, $DAI is put into reserve, guaranteeing on-chain reserve backing. The $BRC price increases as each next $BRC that is minted into supply sees its price grow.

About the Brinc token  

The Brinc token ecosystem gives access to an alternative economy that is backed by crypto assets, empirically decentralized, and holds intrinsic (real) value. The $BRC token is on a mission to replace USD-pegged stablecoins with a smart-contract governed, decentralized token supply.

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