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4 reasons metacade is not feeling the crypto crash | invezz


It’s an incredible feeling to find a crypto investment at an early stage that you believe will make eye-watering profits, and it’s possible to spend a long time trying to identify which project will make you rich.

Metacade is turning heads across crypto circles and beyond as many experienced investors see its potential. While most projects struggle to weather the crypto crash, Metacade isn’t feeling it at all. Metacade has already raised more than $3.5million during its presale, selling over 360 million tokens over the course of nine weeks.

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With so much going on for the disruptive new project, it’s difficult to give just one reason why Metacade is untouchable at the moment, but there are four factors that are definitely playing a role. First, it’s important to understand what the project is doing.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is set to become the biggest Web3-powered arcade, offering gaming fans the chance to earn an income as they play incredible titles in the Metacade play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem. 

Rewards are a huge theme throughout the project. Users are rewarded for playing games and through many other interactions, such as through competitive and tournament gaming, and even for contributing to the platform by writing game reviews or sharing alpha. This provides a huge financial incentive for user adoption over time, which is likely to lead to high momentum as network effects really kick in during 2023.

Having set out a clear strategy in the project’s whitepaper, it’s clear that the project has been meticulously planned down to the last detail.

How does MCADE work?

The project uses a utility token, MCADE, to power the ecosystem. MCADE is not only the primary method of exchange across the platform — used for everything from tournament fees to buying merchandise — but it can also be staked to allow token holders to contribute to the platform by committing their tokens and earning a passive income in return.

The project also boasts an innovative new feature known as Metagrants, which provides a series of incentives for different stakeholders to develop the ecosystem. Game developers will be able to pitch their game ideas to the community, with MCADE holders periodically voting on which projects should be allocated funds. This ensures that the community is able to shape the future direction of the platform and builds hype for new game releases in the process.

The project has a lot going on, so which factors are the biggest contributors to the huge levels of interest the project is seeing?

1. Disrupting an already huge industry

Video gaming is a huge and growing industry, with gaming now bigger than both movies and sports combined. By tapping into an already well-establishing sector, Metacade is able to leverage the huge interest that already is in the space and avoid the concerns of the crypto crash.

This means that the team can focus solely on deliverables, as the market is well-understood. It also means that if Metacade is able to secure even just a small slice of the $200 billion market, then token holders will be looking at astronomical returns.

2. Amazing token utility

The MCADE token is critical to the functioning of the platform, making it destined for huge rises when adoption of the platform really kicks in. As more and more users are required to buy the token to access the ecosystem and game with their friends, the FOMO levels will be high, and this will drive significant gains.

With the project also featuring well-designed staking features, many investors will be happy to sit back and reap the passive income as their main MCADE holding grows in value alongside it.

3. Big investors see the potential

It’s no surprise to hear the rumors that a number of big investors have already secured large allocations of Metacade, as those with the greatest resources are able to identify the high-potential projects early.

With large investors often looking to stay in for the long run as they profit from both staking and providing token liquidity, it provides additional reassurance for smaller investors that the project is highly desirable and another reason why the project could be immune to the crypto crash.

4. Serious planning on safety and security 

With the project being audited by well-respected auditing outfit Certik, investors know that the Metacade team has taken security seriously and reduced many potential risks across the platform. 

Additionally, Metacade does not have access to users’ wallets. Internal transactions require two or more private key signatures to send transactions on the platform. Security is just one more reason why investors seem keen to jump into the presale.

Is Metacade worth investing in?

There’s no doubt in investing circles that Metacade is a rare opportunity and that the project is continuing to attract more and more attention. Moreover, it’s clear that the chance to get involved early at discount prices isn’t likely to last much longer, with smart investors understanding that the crypto crash likely isn’t going to affect Metacade at all.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.


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