4 Reasons Why Metacade’s Web3 Community Is a Much Better Investment Than NFT Crypto | Invezz

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4 reasons why metacade's web3 community is a much better investment than nft crypto | invezz


As the crypto market begins to show signs of recovery following a tough 2022, analysts have been furiously working to uncover where the best Web3 opportunities lie for the biggest profits. NFTs are one area expected to have a very bright future.

A newcomer known as Metacade looks to be a far better investment than all NFT crypto projects on the market. The crypto world is abuzz with the news of Metacade’s incredible presale performance, having raised an eye-watering $8.3m in just the first 14 weeks, with the presale now on stage 5. Many investors have been impressed with the vision and planned implementation that the Metacade team recently revealed in its much-lauded whitepaper.

With the Metacade project offering so much potential, there are several reasons why it’s seen as a better investment, so read on to find out more. 

What is Metacade?

Metacade is an incredible new project at the heart of the GameFi revolution. The Metacade team has outlined its plans to construct the biggest play-to-earn arcade of its kind, which could hugely impact how people game.

The project has a robust rewards system that rewards players for enjoying games of all types and whether their preferred playstyle is casual or more competitive. The platform also benefits from several smart design choices, such as extending rewards to non-playing activities that benefit the ecosystem. In doing so, many believe that Metacade could see significant user growth.

The project uses a utility token called MCADE to enable the ecosystem, acting as the currency for all value exchanges across the platform. 

Why Metacade looks to be a compelling investment right now

The Metacade whitepaper has outlined the project in a great deal of detail. With such an extensive ecosystem in the works, many experts have been assessing the value of the proposition. But what are the biggest factors in the huge predicted potential?

A winning approach to GameFi

In building the biggest P2E arcade on the planet, Metacade sets itself apart from all competitors in the space. Whereas most GameFi projects focus on a single gaming experience, Metacade will cater to many users, meaning a much higher usage level.

A token with vital utility

The MCADE token is critical to the workings of the platform, with it powering not just the rewards system but also used for all other in-platform transactions. As the number of Metacade users increases, it’s likely that so will the demand for the MCADE token, which could induce a huge boost to the token price.

3. Investor-friendly tokenomics

MCADE’s limited supply of just 2 billion tokens is a perfect fit for investors aiming to capitalize on the expected token price appreciation. Its staking feature also incentivizes long-term holding; unlike most NFT crypto projects, those with MCADE can put their tokens to work while waiting for that price increase. 

4. A sector forecast to explode in popularity

The gaming market is estimated to be worth around $200 billion, and GameFi looks set to capture a big slice of that market using Web3 technology. Forecasts vary in size, but it’s clear that the GameFi market is set to see significant growth over the coming years. So as Metacade delivers on its mission, it could put itself at the very center of the growth seen in the sector. 

Metacade could be an excellent investment choice 

There are certainly some compelling NFT crypto projects out there as different use cases for the innovative technology emerge and are put into practice. NFT crypto projects will likely enable the tokenization of a massive range of asset classes over time in a move that now seems likely to be captured by many projects.

However, Metacade looks like it could be a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. Given the project’s enormous potential and technical deliveries coming to the fore in 2023, it’s no surprise that the presale has seen such incredible interest.

Metacade looks to be a fantastic investment opportunity. While many projects with different focuses could prove successful, investors targeting the highest profits are understandably flocking to the Metacade presale.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.


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