AltSignals is 59% sold out amid growing usage of AI. Binance integrating ChatGPT?

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render (rndr) price outlook: ai coin rallies amid bullish shift for altsignals (asi)


AltSignals ($ASI) presale is on, and 59% of the tokens have already been grabbed. Over 637,000 USDT has so far been raised, making it an early success amid growing investor interest. The token, powering a trading community, will be the first of its kind and could generate huge returns for investors. You can join the presale here and enjoy the first-mover advantages.

Binance to use ChatGPT to power its Web 3.0 academy

Barely six months after its launch, ChatGPT is the hottest thing in the world of AI. The technology promises to do more than give instant answers to queries.

Undoubtedly, the race to use AI is on and gets exciting when big companies like Binance start to take notice. According to the latest announcement, Binance is integrating ChatGPT to power its Web 3.0 academy. In what the crypto exchange calls Binance Sensei, the AI uses machine learning to answer users’ questions on cryptocurrencies and the Web 3.0 space. 

From an application perspective, AI is taking over many spheres, and trading is one of them. Gone are the days’ users conducted manual technical and fundamental analyses, leaving out crucial information to help their predictions. As we have already seen with ChatGPT, it could be a matter of time before AI becomes universally applicable in every sector. In light of this, a service like AltSignals is just on time, taking action when AI’s popularity is growing.

AltSignals ($ASI) – powering a trading community

Just imagine being able to profit from trading signals and owning cryptocurrency that confers value and governance rights. That’s what AltSignals is trying to do. 

As a recap, AltSignals is a UK-based fintech company that generates quality trading signals for its investors. The company has existed since December 2017 and provides forex, crypto, and gold signals. The company uses a simple AltAlgo™ Indicator to generate the signals, enabling the platform to become popular as one of the most followed on Telegram, with over 1500 VIP members.

In response to high market demand, AltSignals is now taking the signal generation service a notch higher. The company is launching a new artificial intelligence platform, dubbed ActualizeAI. AltSignals expects the AI platform to improve the quality of signals and expand the instruments covered.

Investors will purchase the $ASI token, the governance token powering ActualizeAI. In other words, you gain access to the ActualizeAI platform by holding the token. Investors will also earn $ASI through trading-related tournaments. $ASI holders can use the token to contribute to decision-making and get exclusive entry to competitions and other earnings opportunities. 

How attractive is $ASI, and will it reach $1 by 2024?

One of the crucial benefits of $ASI is that it is powering an already existing service with a real following. AltSignals also has more than 50,000 members on Telegram, and it is easy to see why the presale is already attracting demand. Once ActualizeAI launches and more $ASI is bought, the token could surge to high levels, benefiting early investors. 

Having pointed out the above, we predict a price increase of up to 1,000% by 2024. The projection reflects industry averages, with newly launched tokens successfully hitting such margin increases in a year. With the prediction, a price of $0.15 is likely from the current $0.015. There is a potential to go higher than this, depending on demand, although a price of $1 could be quite high.

Should you buy AltSignals now?

The price of $ASI is quite low at $0.015, building a case to buy it now before the price skyrockets. This token is not yet listed on exchanges meaning the price is still locked.

Once the token lists, demand could grow as more investors discover and buy it. That’s when the price is expected to skyrocket, generating returns for the early birds. 


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