AltSignals prediction as new AI-powered trading platform gains popularity

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altsignal presale 53% sold out as investors eye hot ai-related investment opportunity


Analysts anticipate artificial intelligence to be core to the future of work evolution and industry applications. That largely explains why newcomers like ChatGPT are rapidly gaining popularity.

Realizing this potential, AltSignals wants to tap into the power of AI to general trading signals with greater quality and win rate. Investors know how significant AI is to trading, with AltSignals presale of $ASI token that will power an AI trading service quickly selling out. Less than 22% of tokens remain before the presale ends, meaning there is a lot of expectation around this token. 

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals (ASI) is a trading signal service established in the UK in 2017. It is led by a team of experienced traders covering forex, stocks, and crypto. Since AltSignals was created, its popularity has grown thanks to quality trading signals. The service boasts an average signal accuracy rate of 64% in over 3,782 signals generated.

The AltSignals community has also been growing. The service has over 52,000 traders on Telegram, with more than 1400 in the VIP group. The community has rated AltSignals 4.9/5 on Trustpilot, making the signal service one of the most trusted by traders.

How AltSignals is changing the industry

In line with a strong demand for its trading signal service, AltSignals is innovating and incorporating AI into its operations. The company is launching an AI-led signal service called ActualizeAI. AltSignals team believes AI will give the platform an edge with real-time data processing, predictive modeling, machine learning, and sentimental analysis. Although traders have experimented with AI before, ActualizeAI is the first of its kind to integrate crypto into a trading service. 

$ASI will be a crypto token whose ownership will confer rights to traders in ActualizeAI. Traders can use $ASI to vote on governance. But the primary purpose of the token is to give a sense of belongingness to a trading community. Owning $ASI means investors can access perpetual trading signals from the experienced AltSignals team to grow their incomes. It is also an opportunity to sharpen one’s trading skills, as there are trading tournaments where traders can participate and win $ASI. 

Other opportunities with $ASI include having early and exclusive access to future presales and the AI Members Club. Members of the AI club earn $ASI for giving ideas and feedback on ActualizeAI products.

Will AltSignals rise 1000% in 2023?

It is too early to make a big prediction on AltSignals. The token is still in the presale, with a valuation of $0.015. From past price action of tokens that witness early demand in presale, values skyrocket more than 10x once the token lists on exchanges. 

$ASI is expected to list on the first exchange, Uniswap, in the second quarter. This is when the team also seeks to secure new partnerships, upgrade the current AltAlgo™ to an automated trading service, and many more. As such, a lot of potentials could be unlocked this time, which will help the price of $ASI skyrocket. As such, a 1000% price increase is a possibility before the end of the year. 

Another thing that makes a price rise of 1000% possible for $ASI is that it already has a backing community of traders. The fact that it isn’t starting from scratch makes the potential for failure very low. The community could offer the initial boost required to make ActualizeAI and $ASI successful. 

When is the right time to buy $ASI?

There is no right time to buy $ASI. However, buying it while on presale gives a chance to acquire a low-priced token and ride a potential 10X gain. That means the returns are higher in investing now than when the token has risen in value on exchanges. 


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