AltSignals prediction as presale accelerates amid demand for trading signal service

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altsignal presale 53% sold out as investors eye hot ai-related investment opportunity


AltSignals ($ASI) presale is fast approaching its conclusion. Over 69% of the tokens have been sold, with the token of the trading signal service raising over $748,862. Demand could skyrocket by the time the token lists on exchanges and push the price higher from the current $0.015. Presale buyers could have an edge as $ASI offers a genuine chance to profit from price increases.

The unique role of AltSignals

AltSignals is a trading signal service that was created in December 2017. The UK trading service platform has been a great success since its founding providing high-quality signals in cryptocurrency, forex, and crypto. Using a simple but trusted indicator AltAlgo™, AltSignals has built a demanded signal service, amassing over 50,000 members on Telegram and 1,400 VIP subscriptions.

Following its successful business model, AltSignals wants to help investors further with more quality signals and increase the assets covered. The company is launching an artificial intelligence-enabled trading signal service platform dubbed ActualizeAI. AltSignals expects ActualizeAI to be a game changer as it incorporates cutting-edge AI technologies for advanced analysis. ActualizeAI expects more precision in trade entries and improved risk management with the new AI platform.

What is $ASI, and is it a good investment?

$ASI is the token that will power ActualizeAI by AltSignals. The primary role of $ASI is to be the unit of membership on the AI-based trading platform. The token is in the presale, with early buyers having early access to ActualizeAI. 

The benefits of investing in ActualizeAI are huge. The first is access to AI-generated quality trading signals. AltSignals has already built a name providing the signals since its founding in 2017, meaning that investors have access to a reputable and trusted service. 

Holders of $ASI also have an advantage in that they can speculate on the token and stake it to boost incomes. With the token expected to list on Uniswap in the second quarter of 2023, the potential for the price to pump and generate value for investors is high. 

But early $ASI investors also have access to the AI Members Club. This is an opportunity to earn rewards for giving ideas and feedback about the platform and its products. Members also access exclusive presale opportunities and use tokens to enter into trading tournaments and contribute to governance. 

Will AltSignals go higher after listing?

The price of $ASI is $0.015. This is the lowest price since the token is still in the initial stage of the presale. From past price trends of tokens launching via presales, the value increases exponentially after listing. This is when the token starts attracting increased investment as it becomes discoverable on exchanges. The token benefits from the increased liquidity, which pushes the price higher.

The price of $ASI will go higher once listed on Uniswap and other exchanges. Further price increases will occur once investors start to reap the benefits of being members of ActualizeAI. Thus, there could be downsides to missing acquiring $ASI early as investors could be forced to buy it at a higher valuation.

Is $ASI a 10x investment in 2023?

Giving an exact price increase for newly launched tokens is highly speculative. The price increases depending on the demand and the prevailing market conditions. However, considering how much demand AltSignals token has generated so far, a 10x increase is not off the table. Newly launched tokens rise to these heights a few weeks or months after listing on exchanges. 

By the end of 2023, $ASI could rise by 10x margins since the token is already subscribed by an existing community of traders. That means the value of $ASI could rise to and beyond $0.15 with our predictions.


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