AltSignals presale almost 50% sold out as Meta unveils “Segment Anything” AI tool

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mike novogratz says decentralized revolution is happening– what does this mean for altsignals?


The AltSignals presale is continually gaining traction as artificial intelligence (AI) dominates both the tech and crypto industries.

The most recent AI entrant is Meta’s “Segment Anything” AI image identification tool and it is expected to spur an additional AI focus, which is a selling point for other AI-lining projects like AltSignals.

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Why is “Segment Anything” AI a major boost for AltSignals?

With the metaverse ambitions of Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) in shambles, it has turned to AI to drive its next stage of development. This just goes to show that AI is quickly outpacing other technologies including the metaverse.

While new metaverse projects are still a sensation among gamers, AI projects seem to steal the show when it comes to winning the hearts of the general majority.

Although Meta’s latest project called the Segment Anything Model focuses on images, it is still a great pointer to the increased interest in AI by big tech companies. AltSignals stands to benefit immensely from the AI hype since it is working on an AI algorithm that will take the best-performing algorithm including the AltAlgo indicator and use that to build a suite of AI products one of them being the ActualizeAI which is powered by the ASI cryptocurrency.

The “Segment Anything” tool helps users identify specific items in an image with a few clicks. Although the project is still in demo mode, Meta says Segment Anything can already take a photo and individually identify the pixels comprising everything in the picture so that one or more items can be separated from the rest of the image.

AltSignals provides trading signals and algorithm-based technical indicators. It started by sending free crypto trading signals before expanding to Forex, CFDs and shares.

Currently, AltSignals provides clients with technical and fundamental market analysis. It also offers coaching sessions and helps clients with how to trade. The platform has been operating a technical indicator called AltAlgo Indicator to generate trading signals.

The AltAlgo indicator scans the financial market and alerts AltSignals users when a trading opportunity presents itself. The indicator uses multiple trading strategies and technical indicators to provide ideal buy and sell opportunities for traders.

AltSignals is also working on an AI algorithm. The algorithm will take the best-performing algorithm including the AltAlgo indicator and use that to build a suite of AI products one of them being the ActualizeAI powered by the ASI cryptocurrency which is an Ethereum-based token. The ASI token is currently in the BETA presale stage. You can participate in the presale here.

AltSignals has been in operation since 2017 but its popularity went through the roof after announcing the AI project.

Is the AltSignals ASI token a good investment?

The AltSignals presale has been divided into five stages: BETA, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4. Currently, the presale is in the BETA stage and it is selling at $0.012. The price is expected to rise with each stage, which is a good proposition for early investors.

The ASI will be going for $0.015 in Stage 1, $0.01875 in Stage 2, $0.021 in Stage 3, and $0.02274 in Stage 4. By the time the presale approaches the final stage the ASI price will have appreciated by 89.5%.

After the AltSignals presale ends, the price of ASI is expected to ride on the rising popularity of AI and the listing on crypto exchanges. According to the AltSignals whitepaper, the ASI token is expected to get listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and Uniswap in Q2, 2023.

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