AltSignals’s game-changing project sparks investor interest in ASI presale

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asi token offers traders opportunities with exclusive access to ai-aided trading


AltSignals looks to revolutionise the crypto trading industry, and the early success of its ASI token presale shows how much interest the project is generating among investors.

The ASI token is at the second stage of the presale, which investors can join here.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if AltSignals’ token were to quickly sell out, particularly with the cryptocurrency market abuzz after the European Parliament voted for what is potentially an industry-defining crypto law – the Markets in Crypto Act, MiCA.

As the world’s first major crypto law, MiCA promises to offer protection to investors and rules of engagement for crypto asset providers. With new interest in crypto likely to crop up out of this, projects that help traders benefit from the market, such as AltSignals’ algorithmic trading platform, could be the next big investment opportunity.

Having such a project powered by Artificial Intelligence only adds to appeal. Other than this there are many other benefits of holding ASI that make buying into the project at the presale stage a deal many investors might not want to forego.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is a trading signals provider that uses the latest technological innovations to simplify the trading process for traders at all levels of experience. With highly accurate and real-time signals across stocks, cryptocurrencies, Forex and CFDs, the platform’s innovative AltAlgo indicator gives traders an edge with both entry and exit signals.

But the team is looking to integrate an AI-powered layer into the trading algorithm, introducing the benefits of predictive signals to the indicator. Dubbed ActualizeAI, the new platform will infuse natural language processing and machine learning with AI inputs to help supercharge next-level trading experiences for its users.

What does ActualizeAI and ASI token offer to traders?

ActualizeAI is built to revolutionise trade execution and winning rates, with traders benefitting from increasingly accurate signals during both bear and bullish markets.

As noted, the ASI token, which is set for launch in the second quarter of 2023, will power the ActualizeAI platform. Ahead of the live trading launch, investors looking to buy the token and want to learn more about the project can visit the official AltSignals website.

But one thing notable there is that there’s a clear roadmap for the AI layer of this popular trading platform. The team has also highlighted the tokenomics, audit proof and KYC aspects that are key components of transparency and security investors look for in projects.

In terms of what ASI offers, holders will not only have guaranteed access to ActualizeAI, but also enjoy other perks in the AI Members club. The token will also provide other earning opportunities for hodlers, with staking and participation in the ActualizeAI ecosystem through community governance.

Is ASI token a good buy in the current market?

The native token in the ActualizeAI ecosystem is ASI. In terms of its tokenomics, AltSignals will have a fixed supply of 500 million ASI. The presale offers investors a chance to buy from a pool of 290,000 tokens, or 58% of total supply. The presale event has been divided into four stages, with price increasing at each level.

The AltSignals presale price for the ASI token was $0.012 during the first phase. After the token quickly sold out raising $480,000 in record time, the ASI price increased to $0.015 and is expected to rise further and hit $0.02274 in the project’s final presale stage.

Given the phased presale, by the time the token hits the secondary market later in the quarter, its value will have increased significantly. Listing on major exchanges across the industry, starting with Uniswap, is also forecast to see ASI price explode.

Rallies to $0.2 and even $0.5 are likely by the end of 2023 if the new bull cycle hits. The prospects of this happening will also most likely be down to the huge demand for AI-powered trading tools.

AltSignals already boasts of a community of more than 50,000 users on its current AltAlgo platform. Bumping that number with a new powerful ActualizeAI platform provides a realistic chance for greater demand for ASI.

If you wish to buy AltSignals token today, check out their presale page here.


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