Aptos startup Blocto eyes the next billion Web3 users via chain-agnostic wallet | Invezz

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aptos startup blocto eyes the next billion web3 users via chain-agnostic wallet | invezz


Blocto, a startup running on the Aptos blockchain, is looking to bring the next billion users to the Web3 ecosystem.

On Wednesday, the startup’s team announced that this goal is very much achievable via their chain-agnostic wallet. This is the key to mass adoption of blockchain technology, Blocto said in a press release shared with Invezz.

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The team highlighted focus on user experience and chain agnosticism as two crucial factors to advancing Web3 growth.

Blocto looks to bring a billion people to Web3

The cryptocurrency industry remains within the throes of a brutal bear market, with recent events adding to the market downturn for most digital assets.

But despite the crypto winter, adoption across the industry hasn’t slowed to a halt. In fact, there have been positive signals of a return to an upward trajectory with regard to the metric given recent record turnouts during blockchain events – particularly in Asian countries.

According to Blocto, growing activity around Web3 and interest from the public was evident during one of the blockchain events in Taipei, Taiwan. A collaboration between the startup and the Aptos team demonstrated the need for an easy-to-use wallet that simplifies user experience with regard to entry into Web3. 

To help onboard the next billion people into the ecosystem, Blocto is working on chain-agnostic wallet solutions that makes user experience during the process not only easy, but also seamless and secure. This will unlock the adoption momentum as more people reluctant to get into the space due to the complex learning curve would find it a simple wallet option.

For Blocto, which currently counts over 1.6 million users globally, the mission is to remove the complexity of seed phrases and keys and have users onboard via an intuitive email login process.

Such a wallet aids Web3 adoption via what becomes an approachable blockchain ecosystem, the Blocto team said. As Invezz covered in November, Blocto moved to complement its adoption efforts with a $3 million fund for the Aptos ecosystem.

The platform has also inked multiple strategic deals, including with global brands such as MotoGP and Yahoo.Blocto also recently integrated with the Flow blockchain, whose ecosystem features IPs like the NBA Top Shot.


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