ASI token offers traders opportunities with exclusive access to AI-aided trading

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asi token offers traders opportunities with exclusive access to ai-aided trading


Besides accessing the latest crypto news, financial and cryptocurrency traders also require profitable trading signals providers like AltSignals, which has been in operation since 2017.

The cryptocurrency market is quite volatile and trading carries a lot of risks especially if a trader is uninformed. But at the same time, not many traders, especially beginners can do a comprehensive market analysis and that is why most go out looking for trading signals providers. 

What is AltSignials?

AltSignals is a platform powered by leading technologies like machine learning (ML), neutral language processing (NLP), advanced sentiment analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide both digital assets and forex traders with trading signals.

AltSignal uses a linear regression model to predict the future prices of financial assets using their historical performance. It also offers traders a technical indicator called AltAlgo to help traders analyze the market.

The platform is currently working on a new AI Algorithm called “ActualizeAI” which will be the basis of an AltSignals AI ecosystem. The AltSignals team plans to integrate the AI components into its other existing algorithms once the ActualizeAI proves to be effective.

AltSignals has also built a cryptocurrency called ASI, which will act as the membership token for the AltSignals AI ecosystem. AltSignals is currently conducting an ASI presale which is in the BETA stage and 37.19% of the stage is already sold out. You can participate in the presale here.

What is ASI token?

Besides acting as a membership key for the AltSignal AI Ecosystem, holding ASI tokens strengthens traders’ trading opportunities by giving them the first access to experience the new AI Algorithm, “ActualizeAI.” It also allows holders to gain access to all available tools on the platform.

The ASI token will also allow holders to access the AI Members Club and engage in presale opportunities alongside trading tournaments. The token will also be used as a community governance token in future

Is ASI cryptocurrency a good investment?

Well, that is up to an individual investor since there are a lot of factors to consider before making up your mind on any investment opportunity.

That said, the ASI token represents a gateway to AltSignals’ AI trading tools allowing users to make well-educated decisions. In addition to acting as a membership key to the AltSignals AI ecosystem, the ASI token will also be tradable on Uniswap among other cryptocurrency exchanges once the presale is concluded.

With the sudden surge of interest in artificial intelligence (AI) tools including AI-based cryptocurrencies after the launch of the AI chatting tool ChatGPT, AltSignals and the ASI token could be a solid long-term investment opportunity. AltSignals AI algorithm, ActualizeAI, is scheduled to go into the testing phase before the end of Q1 2023 just after the ASI presale ends.

Further still, the value of ASI which currently stands at 0.012 USDT is expected to ride on the AI hype once the AltSignals presale is concluded and the ASI token is listed on major crypto exchanges in the second quarter of 2023.

The value of the ASI token is also expected to tick higher once AltSignals launches its new AI Membership Club which will require members to hold ASI tokens. AltSignals plans to launch the New AI Members Platform in Q3 2023 among other things like deploying ActualizeAI into the open market for live trading, integrating cross-chain Bridge, and launching a second private sale opportunity for AI Members.

According to AltSignals whitepaper, by end of Q4 2023, Altsignals plans to have licensed the ActualizeAI, expand utilities and benefits of the AI platform, development a real-time dashboard and notifications powered by the sentiment analysis engine, launch an ASI governance model, and launch an ASI token buyback and burn model. All these make a very strong case for Altsignals and ASI as an investment opportunity for crypto investors. 


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