AXS soars 17% following Axie Infinity’s crypto game debut on Apple App Store

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axs soars 17% following axie infinity's crypto game debut on apple app store


On Wednesday, the renowned game developer Sky Mavis revealed the release of the Origins crypto game on Apple’s App Store, allowing individuals from selected countries to enjoy the game seamlessly. The update triggered increased on-chain activity on Axie Infinity’s platform (within the Ethereum blockchain).

That confirmed surged appetite from retail participants. Meanwhile, AXS reacted bullishly to the news, gaining an impressive 17% to explore the $8 mark. Moreover, the updates triggered upticks in various metrics, confirming optimism around the crypto project.

Origin card game available in Southeast Asia, LATAM

Origin is Axie Infinity’s card game, where users battle as they interact with the NFT world. Meanwhile, iOS users in selected Southeast Asian and Latin American nations can now play the game. That follows the latest development where Apple approved the game’s launch on its platform.

Apple users in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Venezuela, Mexico, Peri, Colombia, and Argentina can play the card-based game and earn rewards. Origin boasts around 1.5 million installations globally, and Sky Mavis targets mass participation with the newest release.

AXS Soars 17% on Origins’ Updates

Axie Infinity’s governance coin, AXS, welcomed the release announcement with an impressive spike, and Sky Mavis trusts Apple will support the game’s adoption, promoting the web3 sector. The altcoin gained around 17% to touch $8 before a slight correction. AXS traded at $7.40 during this writing.

The announcement of Origins’ debut on Apple’s App Store triggered surges in open interest and dips in funding rates. Open interest spikes indicate capital inflow into the mark, whereas declined funding rates imply short positions paying for long ones. These are bullish indicators for AXS.

AXS On-Chain Activity on Ethereum Surges

axs soars 17 following axie infinitys crypto game debut on
source – santiment

The latest news saw AXS recording upticks in 24hr active addresses and transaction volume on the Ethereum network. That’s according to data from the crypto intelligence site Santiment. Increments in these metrics usually catalyze bullishness for assets, triggering price surges.


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