Bemo and DWF Labs launch the first liquid staking protocol on the TON blockchain

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bemo and dwf labs launch the first liquid staking protocol on the ton blockchain


Bemo in partnership with DWF Labs has launched the first liquid staking protocol on the TON blockchain.

Bemo’s partnership with DWF Labs, one of the largest digital assets investment companies, and the first liquidity provider to stake TON via the bemo application, confirms the role of liquid staking services as a major trend in DeFi. Furthermore, the launch of Bemo with support from DWF Labs illustrates both a commitment to developing the TON ecosystem and the enormous investment potential of The Open Network.

How bemo liquid staking works

Liquid staking differs from traditional staking services by allowing stakers to earn more from their staked tokens.

The staking protocol enables TON holders to stake their tokens in return for stTON tokens, which represent their share in the staking pool. Stakers can then enhance the yield on their stTON tokens by participating in liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges or by lending them out via lending applications. This way, they’re not just earning through staking, but also contributing to the DeFi ecosystem and earning additional returns.

Bemo liquid staking enables TON token holders to earn rewards while keeping full access to their funds. The stTON tokens received in exchange for the staked TON allow users to earn staking yield while maintaining asset control with the ability to boost the yield with DeFi applications.

Bemo plans to attract institutional investors and private clients to its platform, aiming to reach USD 100 million in TVL by the year-end.


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