Bittrex Global Settles with SEC for $24 Million over Unregistered Token Sales

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bittrex global settles with sec for $24 million over unregistered token sales
bittrex global settles with sec for $24 million over unregistered token sales 3

Bittrex Global, an international cryptocurrency exchange based in Seychelles, has agreed to pay $24 million to settle charges brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over alleged unregistered token sales.

Overview of the SEC Settlement

On August 10th, 2023, the SEC announced that “Bittrex and Bittrex Global agreed to pay, on a joint and several basis, disgorgement of $14.4 million, prejudgment interest of $4 million, and a civil penalty of $5.6 million, for a total monetary payment of $24 million to settle the charges.”

According to the SEC’s order, Bittrex Global operated an online platform that allowed customers to exchange digital assets. From 2017 through 2022, Bittrex earned at least $1.3 billion in revenues from, among other things, transaction fees from investors, including U.S. Bittrex Global solicited customers to buy digital asset securities and facilitated secondary market trades in certain digital asset securities without registering as an exchange or broker-dealer and without registering the offerings.

The SEC determined that approximately 200 digital asset securities were traded on the Bittrex Global platform during this period. These tokens were offered and sold as investment opportunities promising returns based on the efforts of others. The SEC alleged that Bittrex Global should have known these digital assets were investment contracts and therefore securities.

By not registering as an exchange or broker-dealer, the SEC said Bittrex Global deprived investors of mandated safeguards while taking in fees on market transactions. Bittrex and Bittrex Global have reached an agreement to collectively pay a disgorgement amounting to $14.4 million, along with pre-judgment interest totaling $4 million, and an additional civil penalty of $5.6 million. This results in a comprehensive financial settlement of $24 million.

Key Implications of the Settlement

The settlement with Bittrex Global sends a clear message to cryptocurrency trading platforms that they must adhere to U.S. securities laws and regulations. Unregistered trading in digital asset securities will not be tolerated by the SEC.

For the cryptocurrency industry, it reinforces the need for enhanced due diligence and investor protections when new tokens are listed on exchanges. Failing to determine if a token offering involves unregistered securities can lead to serious legal and financial consequences down the road.

For investors, it highlights the risks involved when trading lesser-known digital assets on offshore exchanges. Without proper SEC oversight, users face potential fraud, manipulation, and lost investments. Sticking to regulated platforms is key for retail investors.

Looking ahead, the settlement will likely push exchanges based outside the U.S. to implement stricter vetting procedures before listing new digital assets. Some may even consider blocking U.S. customers entirely to avoid SEC enforcement actions involving securities laws. However, this could also limit innovation in the decentralized finance space.

Response from Bittrex Global

In their official statement, Bittrex Global said they were “pleased to have fully resolved” the matter with the SEC. While not admitting or denying the findings, Bittrex Global believes the “historical issues raised in the SEC’s order are a reminder of the nascent nature of the digital asset industry.”

The company says it has already undertaken “extensive efforts to enhance its compliance program” in recent years and is committed to meeting regulator’s expectations while serving as a “responsible leader” in the blockchain industry.


The multi-million dollar settlement between Bittrex Global and the SEC underscores the increasing regulatory scrutiny facing cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. While the SEC does not have direct jurisdiction over exchanges based outside the U.S., it can hold them accountable for securities law violations involving American investors.

Going forward, offshore exchanges must be extremely cautious when handling new token listings that could constitute unregistered securities. Robust due diligence and proactive SEC compliance efforts are essential to avoid legal issues and build trust in the growing digital asset market.

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