BMX Olympic star Logan Martin partners Move-to-Earn PUML Better Health

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Logan Martin, a professional BMX biker one of Australia’s top sports personalities, has teamed up with PUML Better Health, a leading Move-to-Earn dApp in Australia.

The collaboration targets bringing more people into Web3, PUML announced in a press release shared with Invezz on Friday.

As per the crypto news, PUML will tap into this partnership to increase its potential users ahead of its WearX NFT collection launch – reportedly just weeks away. PUML also plans to unveil an ambassador program.

Targeting Web3 and blockchain technology

PUML offers a health and well-being app focused on various wellness activities, including steps, meditation, and general exercise. PUML users earn PUMLx for completing outlined health challenges such as certain steps or meditation. The tokens are issued on Ethereum and Polygon.

As more people tap into apps such as PUML’s, expansion into sports is becoming the next growth frontier, with Web3 providing a huge advantage within the industry.

Commenting on the partnership, PUML founder Damien King said he is “super stoked” about the move, and that the app has lined up several innovative projects for launch in coming weeks and months.

He said of Logan Martin:

“He is a great representation of the direction PUML is taking, getting respectable people in the sports and fitness industry on board and welcoming audiences to the new wave.”

Martin is an Olympic gold medalist and UCI world champion among other honours and PUML’s team hopes their partnership will play a big role in advancing the Move-to-Earn dApp’s strategic roadmap. Part of this involves leveraging the BMX superstar’s global stature to bring more people from Australia and across the world to blockchain technology and the Web3 space.

The Australian has over 1 million followers across social media and has already struck deals with drinks company Rockstar Energy and action camera maker GoPro. 

Martin is among multiple world athletes and other celebrities who have struck partnerships with crypto and Web3 platforms, including the likes of LeBron James, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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