Bybit exchange extends zero-fee trading campaign

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Bybit, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, has decided to extend its zero-fees on spot trading Campaign that it launched in September.

The company is extending the campaign after what it calls increasing interest and success from the initiative.

Designed to last a month but will extend to December

Bybit’s zero-fees spot trading campaign was initially designed to only last a month. It targeted those curious to kick-start their crypto journey with the aim of fortifying their financial future and celebrating financial freedom.

However, there has been such a tremendous response and appetite from users that the exchange has been forced to extend the campaign to the end of the year.

The campaign has amassed huge recognition for being the industry’s biggest zero-fees campaign ever. Additionally, it allows clients from over 160 countries to participate in trading over 289 crypto spot pairs. The campaign’s success also shines a spotlight on Bybit’s continued expansion. The crypto exchange is currently ranked among the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges on CoinMarkcetCap and CoinGecko.

Bybit success

Bybit attributes its success to its attitude, attributes, and innovative programs like the zero-fees campaign.

Bybit has an exclusive product portfolio and it has continuously pushed the boundaries and disrupted the status quo within the crypto space. In May 2022, it introduced a new liquidity mining pool with up to 30% APY for users in an effort to revitalise the struggling DeFi industry.

The Zero-fees initiative in particular was designed with security, liquidity, and usability in mind. Rather than limit the pairs offered in the zero-fees campaign, Bybit chose to unleash the Zero-fees campaign on all spot trading cryptocurrency pairs. The move allowed users to take full advantage across the platform rather than being restrained to trade a few tailored pairs. The result has been an explosion in financial freedom among users.

Besides its innovative products, Bybit has partnered with several brands including Formula One, Oracle, Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports, Borussia Dortmund football club and Avispa Fukuoka football club among others.


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