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cloudzy's journey towards making globalised vps service a reality | invezz


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Technology advancements continue to make the lives of people around the world easier and more efficient. However, this luxury does not come without its price. 

Perhaps the biggest sacrifice that online users make every day by logging on to their favorite online services and social media platform is their right to privacy. Privacy is a fundamental part of any human being’s rights and privileges. 

It seems that a good deal of big tech companies seems to fail to extend this understanding into their online protocol. Cloudzy understands that while many users simply may not care, many others do. 

As a product for everyone, Cloudzy finds itself bound to restore privacy for its users. Originally, platforms such as Perfect Money were adopted to enable our anonymity-seeking clients to pay conventionally but anonymously. But swayed by the sentiment that this can be improved, Cloudzy is embarking on a path of providing fully anonymous payment options with the help of some of the leading privacy coins dominating cryptocurrency headlines

Cloudzy has been providing cutting-edge VPS services since 2008 and is based in Brooklyn, New York. On top of their connection latency, anti-DDoS secure servers tailored VPS packages, Cloudzy also offers fully anonymous VPS servers, both with cryptocurrencies and services such as Perfect Money.

The principal currencies that will help us in this endeavour, such as Monero, Dash, and Z-Cash privacy coins, were all previously implemented in Cloudzy as payment options. What Cloudzy does now is to improve these options with better payment gateways, as well as look for better options for our clients to pay anonymously in the future. 

Prioritizing online privacy

Cloudzy understands and indulges in the paramount need for online privacy and anonymity. 

The company pledges to actively look out for this crucial right of its client base. This will be done by improving existing options and looking to implement newer options as the tech world offers them in the future.

The need for anonymity and privacy was known to Cloudzy’s founding cohort as early as 2008. Throughout the years, members of RouterHosting and then Cloudzy had many business and non-business, personal experiences that solidified their belief in the paramount need for online privacy and the right to anonymity.  

Therefore, RouterHosting, now Cloudzy, always had privacy and anonymity in the online world in mind as a cornerstone of their business model, so that other users would not have to go through what Coudzy did. 

Even before the rise of cryptocurrencies, options such as Perfect Money were implemented to facilitate anonymous payment. Cloudzy is proud to be able to announce the full implementation and enhancement of these cryptocurrency payment options and solutions since they represent not only a facilitation of services for their user base but also a reflection of Cloudzy’s intra-organisational beliefs and principles.

CEO: ‘maintaining our effort to remain an up-to-date business’

Hannan Nozari is the founder and current CEO of Cloudzy, and he also had some words to share on the prospect of anonymity on the web and Cloudzy’s approach to the matter:

For a long time, I felt that the average user’s means of anonymous payment and online privacy were diminishing. While this is true, thankfully, there are also a ton of really wonderful technologies that pave the way to facilitate online anonymous payment and user privacy. I feel that on top of adding and bolstering our crypto payment options, this step is also about maintaining our effort to remain an up-to-date business that integrates new useful technologies, in order to both promote those technologies and help our user base protect their privacy. I’m happy with our initial roster of integrated currencies, and I hope that we can add other options that are in demand by the user base soon.”

Cloudzy’s implementation of fully anonymous payment solutions is a great example for other tech companies to follow. With enough tech companies doing the same, this will set the tone for the big tech to also adopt these means and end the currency compromise of privacy in the online world.

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