Could AltSignals benefit from Google’s AI announcements last night?

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could altsignals benefit from google’s ai announcements last night?


Artificial Intelligence has been the front and centre of all tech-debates ever since Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced a multi-billion-dollar investment in ChatGPT.

Within weeks thereafter, the multinational integrated the chatbot into “Bing” – a significant event that perhaps for the first time threatened Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google’s monopoly over “Search”.

Consequently, Google ramped up its efforts in generative AI and launched “Bard” this year. Although its chatbot initially failed to woe the world per se, the tech titan made new announcements last night at its annual developer conference that reiterate its commitment to this high-growth play.

Here’s what Google announced at its I/O event

To begin with, Bard, with enhanced reasoning skills, ability to handle advanced math, and coding capabilities, is now available to everyone across more than 180 countries and territories in total.

More importantly, it now allows users to go beyond text and include images in their prompts. Google also said that the chatbot will eventually integrate Adobe Firefly as well.   

CEO Sundar Pichai also announced “AI Snapshots” on Wednesday – a major update to Google Search that’ll now prioritize AI powered answers to queries for better context. The PaLM 2 based Search Generative Experience (SGE) also enable users to dig deeper on their queries with follow-up questions. According to the Chief Executive:

PaLM 2 models are strong in logic and reasoning, thanks to broad training in logic and reasoning. It’s also trained on multilingual text spanning over 100 languages.

Lastly, Google integrated new AI tools for a number of its applications, including Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meet, and Gmail and rebranded the effort as “Duet AI”.

For now, these features are available only to users on the waitlist. Nonetheless, a long list of such announcements from the likes of Google establish beyond doubt that the ongoing AI craze is here to stay and is only going to heat up moving forward.

And that paints a rather rosy picture for what the future holds for projects like AltSignals.

What is AltSignals and the ASI token?

At its core, AltSignals is a financial technology company that caters to investors exposed to financial markets – be it stocks, forex, or even cryptocurrencies.

AltAlgo – its flagship service uses state-of-the-art trading algorithm to issue signals that inform traders on when to take a position in a financial instrument and when to pull out of it.

In the coming months, though, AltSignals plans on unlocking significant improvements to its already successful product. It’s on track to integrating the said trading algorithm with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to launch what will be known as ActualizeAI.

The idea is that the new AI-and-blockchain-powered service will offer more accurate signals to help traders maximize the returns on their investments.

All in all, it’s conceivable that using artificial intelligence to enhance its trading tool will be a meaningful benefit to AltSignals as a business and will eventually strengthen its name as an investment opportunity.

How is AltSignals an investment opportunity?

Interestingly, AltSignals is not just a service that helps you make money out of the financial markets. Its upcoming ActualizeAI will be powered by the ASI token that makes itself an investment opportunity as well.

Owning ASI token is what will enable you to access the company’s new AI-integrated trading tool. These tokens will be similar to shares in that holders will have a say in the future of AltSignals. They will also be able to take part in trading tournaments and explore other earnings opportunities.

The presale of the ASI token is currently under way. You can read through the comprehensive guide on AltSignals’ website to find out how you can buy it in three simple steps.

What could lead to ASI token price appreciation?

At writing, ASI token is valued at $0.015 – up 25% versus its first presale stage.

But there’s reason to believe that it’ll unlock further upside moving forward. To begin with, AltSignals has built a user base of more than 50,000 over the past six years. That’s significant because it speaks to the demand for ASI token particularly once ActualizeAI goes live.

Like any other investment, greater demand could translate to a higher price. AltSignals itself expects its token to be valued at $0.02274 by the end of the current presale, as per its website.

It’s noteworthy, though, that the ASI token, will then list on major crypto exchanges beginning with Uniswap – an event that has historically meant significant price appreciation for different coins.

All in all, as AltSignals expands its footprint in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to eventually become a top trading signals service, it’s likely that the ASI token will hit $0.05 by the end of this year.

You can visit the presale page HERE to find out more about the ASI token.  


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