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Cryptosat, a startup that builds and launches low earth orbit (LEO) satellites that power blockchain and cryptographic protocols, has launched a simulating software for its Cryptosim software.

The simulation software is designed for developers and comes with an API functions tutorial and a satellite trajectory simulation. It intends to help developers get a feel of how they can interact with the software installed on Cryptostat’s low earth orbit (LEO) satellites once in space.

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Cryptosat simulator features

The simulator has a JavaScript console allowing users to programmatically try the software’s API and interact with the simulated satellite to request its status, sign messages, request randomness, and generate Delay-Encryption key pairs among other things.

The functions that can be called using the current build of the Cryptosim software include:

  • Public randomness – A user is able to use a random beacon.
  • Private randomness – A user can request random bits to be encrypted to a public key they provide in the request.
  • Signed timestamp retrieval – This can be used by applications that require a trusted source of time or smart contracts that need to ensure a certain amount of time has passed in the real world.
  • Delay encryption – A satellite generates a cryptographic key pair and publishes the public key. The private key is not released before a specified amount of time has passed, preventing premature decryption
  • Signing – Users can sign any data in the space.

Cryptosat’s simulator offers developers an opportunity to try its API and acclimatize themselves to the capabilities of Cryptosat’s LEO satellites. Blockchain teams are also at liberty to propose new use cases for Cryptosat’s product besides the currently identified applications.

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