Eternl Light Wallet Poised for Major Upgrade Bringing Improved Performance to Cardano Users

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eternl light wallet poised for major upgrade bringing improved performance to cardano users
eternl light wallet poised for major upgrade bringing improved performance to cardano users 3

The Eternl Cardano light wallet is preparing for the launch of a major new version that will improve the user experience for ADA holders. Eternl is a multi-platform wallet accessible via a web browser extension and mobile apps.

According to a Recent tweet from the Eternl team, version 1.11.0 of the wallet is close to release. The update represents “a complete overhaul” of Eternl’s core, with features like:

  • A smaller memory footprint
  • Faster syncing
  • A smaller database size
  • New features

The team invited users to test the upcoming version on their website. The Eternl team says that version 1.11.0 “prepares the base for Eternl v2” by combining the new core with the existing user interface. This is intended to familiarize users with the revised data structures and handling.

Once version 1.11.0 is launched, Eternl plans to “proceed with the Eternl v2 launch in full force.” Eternl introduced in-wallet swapping of Cardano native tokens with version 1.10.0, released in December 2022.

Version 1.11.0 will cache small token icons locally, according to the team, which should lead to an enhanced user experience. The upcoming upgrade suggests that Eternl is committed to continuous development and improvement for ADA holders.

Cardano is preparing for the launch of the Mithril mainnet upgrade, which will improve node synchronization times and enable decentralized decision making. Once Mithril is live, wallets like Eternl will likely need to integrate support for its new features, as reported by TheNewsCrypto.

The proof of concept for Mithril was released in August 2022 and its full details were unveiled in December. Mithril aims to resolve longstanding issues around node performance on Cardano. Eternl’s version 1.11.0 upgrade may help prepare the wallet to integrate Mithril’s capabilities once it launches.

By improving performance and the experience for users, the Eternl upgrade has the potential to make Cardano wallets more attractive and user-friendly. The launch of Mithril and other upcoming Cardano upgrades may drive greater demand for high-quality wallets.

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