Findora launches simple plug-and-play privacy-preserving Web3 solution

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findora launches simple plug-and-play privacy-preserving web3 solution


Findora announced the launch of the Findora Triple Masking SDK, a universal privacy-preserving solution set for Web3.

The Findora Triple Masking SDK will give developers a simple way to integrate zero-knowledge proofs into their decentralized applications. Users will also be able to conduct private transactions that remain auditable, with multiple options for what information can be masked or remains transparent.

The SDK simply provides simple, plug-and-play privacy for every Web3 dApp.

Commenting about the SDK launch, the CEO of Discreet Labs, Sam Harrison, said:

“Triple Masking fulfills a promise that blockchain technology made years ago: your financial status, your financial future, is no longer in the hands of some unknown, so-called “trusted” third party. It’s in your hands. This SDK simplifies the developer experience of implementing complicated zk-proofs, which in turn enables more decentralized applications to offer the benefits of these zk-proofs to their users… Users tend to have to make a choice between privacy and convenience. And when they do, they usually pick convenience. I am excited to see what choices developers can offer their users when privacy and convenience are both attainable.”  

A privacy-focused asset transfer solution

The Findora Triple Masking SDK will act as a privacy-focused asset transfer solution and it will be supported on the Findora Network which will provide full-privacy protection and anonymity for transactions rather than simple pseudonymity.

The SDK will allow any developer to develop dApps ZK-enabled dApps, with optional transaction privacy at three levels. The developers can allow users to choose to mask the wallet addresses of both the sender and the receiver, the type of asset involved, and the amount sent.

While the SDK allows for privacy-focused asset transfers, all the transactions will remain auditable to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies. The SDK integrates asset tracing capabilities that allow every transaction to be monitored by auditors while obscuring them from prying eyes on the public blockchain.

Built on application-specific turbo-plonk ZK circuits, Findora Triple Masking is significantly faster than the industry benchmark, with the ability to scale to thousands of transactions per second.

The SDK’s interoperability

Furthermore, the interoperability with leading elliptic curve signing algorithms such as ed25519 and secp256k1, allows developers to add masking services to transactions between EVM standard wallets and more privacy-preserving architectures like Bitcoin’s unspent transaction output (UTXO) format. In addition, by utilizing Findora’s Prism++ transfer mechanism, developers will be able to wrap any asset class (such as an FRC20, FRC721 or FRC1155) with these privacy-preserving features.

Through this simple software development kit (SDK), Findora is primed to become the de facto universal privacy layer for all Web3.


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