Metacade Accounces Presale for Its Hotly Anticipated Native Token MCADE | Invezz

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metacade accounces presale for its hotly anticipated native token mcade | invezz


Today Metacade has announced the opening of the highly anticipated presale for their MCADE token. 

While there will be a fixed supply of 2 Billion $MTC tokens, 70% of this (1.4 billion MCADE tokens) will be made available for the presale event, which will be released over 9 stages from today.

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The MCADE Token will play a crucial role in the platform’s functionality as users use MCADE for prize draws, entering exclusive Metacade gaming tournaments, and more. Additionally contributers to the platform will earn MCADE tokens for a variety of actions, including adding reviews and game testing.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should consider getting in early on the ongoing MCADE token presale before it’s too late.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a hotly anticipated Web3 community hub that aims to be at the heart of metaverse and blockchain gaming. Metacade’s vision is to create a platform for like-minded gamers, metaverse enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs to connect while learning about and earning more from play to earn gaming. But more than that, Metacade has big plans to disrupt the traditional gaming model by putting the power back into the hands of the players.

Right now, the gaming industry is dominated by microtransactions, Pay2Win, and games studios that are out of touch with their user base. In stark contrast to the gems being put out a decade ago, gaming has become an industry fraught with sub-par, buggy games that are rushed to release just in time for the holiday season. In other words, the profit motive has completely taken over

Metacade is turning this model on its head and doing something totally new. Metacade is rewarding players for the value they generate for the community with the MCADE token and allowing them to directly influence the games they want to play, both through providing actionable feedback during testing and casting votes on the games they want to see funded. For these reasons, Metacade is quickly climbing the ranks to become one of the best new metaverse projects. And by extension, MCADE is shaping up to be one of the most attractive coins around. 

Why Invest in the Metaverse?

To understand why Metacade is worth investing in, we first need to talk about why you should invest in the metaverse in the first place. Many high-profile analysts have made grand predictions about the potential value of the metaverse. Bloomberg says $800 billion. JP Morgan forecasts $1 trillion. Goldman Sachs expects $8 trillion over the next two decades. 

To understand how lucrative of an investment opportunity the metaverse presents, consider its current value. According to Fortune Business Insights, the metaverse is valued at around $100 billion in 2022. Gaming is set to be one of the industries that sees the most disruption from the metaverse. In 2021, EY found that 97% of gaming executives believe that the gaming industry is at the center of the metaverse, with 49% saying they’re prioritising investments in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences.

With so much clout behind the metaverse, particularly metaverse gaming, it’s time to start paying attention to those new metaverse projects leading the way. Metacade is one of those projects, and its token presale has been tipped as one to watch by many metaverse investors.

What Makes Metacade the Best New Metaverse Project?

One of Metacade’s primary goals is to allow anyone to earn more from their time spent playing Play2Earn and metaverse games. Their approach is multi-faceted. To start, Metacade hosts exclusive tournaments that give players a chance to compete and win to boost their earnings from their favourite Play2Earn games. Metacade also intends for its platform to be the place where users can read the hottest alpha and learn the best practices for maximising their Play2Earn income.

Additionally, players will be able to pick up casual testing gigs, doing trial runs for games for Metacade’s developer community and offering paid feedback using the platform’s native testing environment.

But most excitingly, Metacade rewards its members with the MCADE token every time they share reviews, top tips, alpha and other content that helps others understand how to get the most out of blockchain and metaverse gaming. This creates a self-sustainable ecosystem where users are rewarded for providing content, and the content itself will attract more to the platform.

Directing the Future of Gaming

One factor likely to drive plenty of attention to the Metacade token presale is the launch of Metagrants in 2023. Metagrants are a way for gamers to democratically fund the games they’re most interested in seeing developed. To win a Metagrant, game developers enter their ideas into a pool of dozens, potentially hundreds, of other ideas. The one that the community loves the most receives funding from the Metacade treasury to develop a polished title alongside its most avid supporters. 

Eventually, Metacade aims to have its virtual arcade filled with only the best Play2Earn and metaverse titles, as chosen by the community.

A Decentralised Community Owned by the Players

The team behind Metacade believes in real community ownership. That’s why once Metacade becomes entirely self-sustaining, the core team will be stepping back and handing top-level roles over to community members, quite literally handing over the (digital) keys to the treasury and forming a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO)

After this point, Metacade will become governed by the players, giving them the final say on new features, partnerships, token supply restriction, new leadership roles, and more. This will turn Metacade into the world’s first player-owned arcade – a lofty vision that has already found some proponents during the MCADE token presale.

Metacade’s Token Presale is Launching

At this point, there’s no disputing that the metaverse will be a game-changer. For gaming, the metaverse could be the most disruptive force the industry has ever seen, and Metacade is set to take advantage of the massive growth metaverse, and blockchain-based gaming will see over the next few years. GameFi alone is set to grow at 10x the rate of traditional gaming by 2025, according to a recent report by This makes having a solid coin in the GameFi sphere worth having and the Metacade presale worth looking into. And that’s why heads are turning now that’s available.

With Metacade’s token 9-stage presale now underway, potential holders have a chance to snap up 125MCADE tokens for the bargain price of only 1 USDT. With each stage comes an increase in price, and a final (sale) stage reporting 50 MCADE per 1USDT means that right now represents the perfect opportunity to snap up a fortune in tokens before the project approaches its true value.

The opportunity to get in at the first stage starts nows, but won’t last for forever making this a savvy investor’s dream.

Metacade has extraordinary plans for the future. It’s quickly become one of the hottest new metaverse projects to hit the scene, and its token presale is definitely not one to miss. 

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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