Metacade gains ahead of the launch of main platform while China boosts Web 3.0

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metacade (mcade) price prediction as presale nears a close


Metacade (MCADE) is beginning to show up after slowing down in May. Having hit a top price of $0.045 previously, MCADE had shown a solid bullish strength that was anticipated once the token listed on exchanges. A price drop to $0.016 gave investors who had missed the early take off to get in and ride a fresh bullish momentum. The price of MCADE is now $0.024, a substantial gain of 8% in 24 hours. That comes ahead of the Metacade Lite launch, expected in three days.

China to support Web 3.0 innovation

China is ready to embrace and support innovation within the Web 3.0 sector. Local reports indicate that Beijing unveiled a whitepaper that emphasized the role of Web 3.0 technology. The whitepaper stressed the inevitable future of Web 3.0, with authorities keen on supporting the sector.

China’s support for Web 3.0 is positive for the sector and new innovations like Metacade. Authorities in the Asian country embarked on widespread crackdowns of the sector in 2021, with miners fleeing to other jurisdictions. As one of the major economies, the positive reports could usher in optimism around digital assets and spur innovation and uptake of existing Web 3.0 projects.

Metacade, a community arcade changing the Web 3.0 gaming landscape

The idea of having a community-owned gaming arcade might have crossed the minds of investors in Web 3.0. Metacade reimagined this idea to build a platform that has since become popular among Web 3.0 gamers, developers, and investors. 

Metacade was built to bring together a community with common interests to share, connect, and collaborate virtually. They do so while earning in a variety of ways, including competing in games, giving feedback on projects, and working on gig opportunities. 

The arcade’s economics was coined to create a thriving and self-sustaining Web 3.0 gaming community. Investors can receive funding for their projects through the Metagrants fund, while developers benefit from game testing features on the platform. Users can also participate in tournaments to earn the MCADE token.

The Metacade platform also features advertisements, job listings, and a launchpad which will be used to generate additional revenue for the platform. That is geared towards making Metacade a self-sustaining platform, with many expecting it to be the ingredient for its success.

Metacade prediction as the main platform nears launch

 Metacade Lite countdown is on, and only 3 days are left. In the latest interview, Russell Bennett, Metacade CEO, took time to explain Metacade Lite as the expected launch of the main platform. The launch will accelerate Metacade’s ability to hit its milestones, including bringing its community together. 

The launch of Metacade Lite is much anticipated, given that the native token has grown popular, thanks to Uniswap, BitMart, and MEXC Global listings. The latest price gains potentially explain the enthusiasm. But is the price expected to continue higher?

Metacade’s presale ended at $0.020 in the final phase. A strong demand for the token helped the token to more than double to above $0.045. The rule of thumb is that MCADE will reclaim its previous top as it unlocks more demand on exchanges. That could enable the price to rise 10x as analysts had projected when the token was on presale. The upcoming Metacade Lite could be the catalyst for a price surge as it underlines the commitment of the project’s founders to achieve the milestones that made MCADE popular.

Should you buy MCADE ahead of Metacade Lite?

It is said that opportunities knock once in a lifetime, and Metacade could be one of them. The token has seen increased demand around major developments. The presale was largely a success as the token quickly sold out. The demand skyrocketed again as the token listed on Uniswap. With this price trend, it could be the right time to buy MCADE, as Metacade Lite could inspire a fresh bullish surge. 


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