Metacade (MCADE) Presale Is Set to Change the Metaverse Industry in 2023 | Invezz

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metacade (mcade) presale is set to change the metaverse industry in 2023 | invezz


The last crypto market cycle introduced the world to the idea of the metaverse and many outstanding metaverse projects. Crypto is constantly evolving though and older projects like Axie Infinity and Enjin Coin aren’t the innovators that they used to be. In the Web3 environment, it’s important to look at projects that have staying power and a better foothold in the metaverse.

Metacade is picking up the mantle and becoming a leading innovator in the metaverse. This article will introduce you to Metacade and tell you how it could change the metaverse industry in 2023 and beyond.

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What is Metacade?

Metacade is Web3’s first community arcade that’s setting itself up to be a virtual hub for socialization, gaming, and even crypto job-seekers. People can visit the Metacade to try out the latest GameFi projects, enter competitive tournaments, or just hang out with friends.

Metacade also gives community members access to many new income-earning opportunities. From playing P2E games and winning competitive tournaments to staking MCADE and posting engagement-worthy content, Metacade offers a way for everyone to earn money in the metaverse.

The team behind Metacade is also committed to bringing together job-seekers and employers in Web3 gaming and beyond through job listing boards. Additionally, Metacade will offer Metagrants, a new tool to help Metacade community members bring their best crypto gaming ideas to life. 

Metacade has an enormous total addressable market and is offering something for everyone to enjoy. This should help it stand out among other metaverse projects moving forward.

What Does MCADE Do?

MCADE is Metacade’s native token. It’s a cryptocurrency that will be used to try pay-for-play games, enter gaming tournaments, share jobs with the Metacade community, and much more. 

Metacade runs on MCADE, so as the project grows, then the token will likely increase in value as well.

How Could Metacade Change the Metaverse Industry in 2023?

Now that you understand what Metacade is, let’s start looking at how it could change the metaverse industry in 2023 and beyond.

Community Vision

One of the biggest reasons why Metacade stands out from other metaverse projects is its community-centric approach to development. The team hasn’t taken any funds from venture capitalists, so the community benefits most when Metacade grows.

This approach should help Metacade develop a loyal grassroots following that will help advertise it for free on popular social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. That will help the project grow organically and make it feel authentic in ways that other projects won’t be able to match.

Multiple Games, One Place

In the traditional gaming world, platforms like Steam are more successful than the vast majority of individual games. Everybody who plays games on their PC uses Steam. But there are very few, if any, single games that have the same number of users.

Metacade could emerge as Web3’s Steam – a place where you go to get access to all of the best games.

This is a model that hasn’t really been tried before, at least not in the way that Metacade is doing it. By giving users the ability to access multiple games in a single place, Metacade broadens its appeal significantly. If this model ends up being successful, there are sure to be copycats.

Funding for Developers

Metacade is also innovating with its Metagrants concept. Metagrants will provide funding to aspiring Web3 gaming developers. These developers will finally be able to bring their big ideas to life, and those games will get featured in the Metacade for everyone to enjoy.

This ensures that Metacade always has new games coming into its ecosystem to keep users hooked. This may help it gain more user loyalty as a platform, and it’s a strategy that may become more common in the metaverse industry moving forward if it succeeds.

Appeal to Every Kind of Gamer

Finally, most metaverse gaming projects feature one game that’s either competitive or not. MCADE gives gamers the ability to enjoy games in whatever ways they prefer – from entering into competitive tournaments to just relaxing with friends or playing to earn.

This concept of building a platform that appeals to gamers of all interests and goals should start to become more commonplace as Metacade continues growing.

Is the MCADE Presale Still Running?

It’s pretty clear that Metacade is set to shake up the metaverse industry and there’s still time to get involved. The project’s presale is still going on, so you can still pick up your MCADE tokens at a low price that won’t last for long.
You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.


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