Metacade (MCADE) price continues to surge. The third listing comes in a week

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Metacade (MCADE) exchanges hands at $0.024800 on Monday, an increase of nearly 25% from the last presale price of $0.020. The gains follow listings on Uniswap DEX on April 6, followed by Bitmart on April 16.

The steady rise in value indicates investors’ demand for the token of the arcade gaming platform, barely three weeks since it started to debut on exchanges. Metacade will list on MEXC in the week ending April 30, adding further liquidities that could boost the price.

Are game-fi tokens worth investing in?

The early success of Metacade during and after presale indicates that investors are looking for tokens with novel use cases. In the past, tokens of gaming platforms like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland have been instant hits, thanks to a growing demand for Web 3.0 gaming. 

To put into perspective, an industry report placed blockchain gaming’s growth at 94.17% in 2022, even as other cryptocurrencies soiled. The growth was the highest than any other sector. The industry has been upbeat about the future, with projections of a growth rate of 68.9% up to 2032. 

The potential to supercharge player earnings while giving them an active role in the governance of the platforms has been cited as some of the reasons why Web 3.0 have grown popular. In the future, emphasis will be placed on quality games, giving innovative platforms like Metacade a chance to grow. Investing in quality game-fi tokens offers an opportunity to become part of the great movement that will deliver substantial bottom lines sooner than later. 

What is Metacade, and how does it work?

Metacade is a P2E gaming project connecting Web 3.0 gamers and developers. It is the first community-led arcade. Players earn by competing in tournaments, playing, and giving feedback. The income earned comes in the form of crypto tokens, which users can cash out or use on the platform to enter into prize draws or tournaments. 

Further developments are expected on Metacade. This includes a Work2Earn scheme that lets employers post jobs, gigs, and internships to the gaming community. A Metacade Launchpad is also scheduled, allowing Web 3.0 companies to launch their own titles. That will generate revenue streams to improve the Metacade platform and provide more opportunities to users and investors. 

Will Metacade reach $1 by 2024

Undoubtedly, there is a potential for MCADE to reach $1. This token started the presale at $0.008 and now trades at $0.024800 after listing in just two exchanges. That’s an already 210% price increase. Predictably, the price will increase further as it gets into more exchanges and platforms. But a price of $1 could be over-ambitious for the stated timeline.

More prudently, a minimum price of 10x price increase is more realistic, meaning MCADE’s value could reach $0.248 by 2024. The projected price means MCADE should enter more major exchanges to unlock liquidity and help the price of the token go higher. Since we have already seen the price soar after listing on Uniswap and Bitmart, the expected price increase is quite conservative. 

Is Metacade worth buying this month

Metacade is just starting to get noticed. Only two exchanges have listed it, and the price is responding to it. If you invest early, it means you have a chance to ride the bullish strength when MCADE gathers liquidity from major listings. 

By the end of this month, the cryptocurrency will only be listed on three exchanges. That means the price is still low since the token’s supply is somehow restricted. In other words, investing early could be an opportunity to buy the token low and maximise the profit potential before the value hits its ceiling level.


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