Metacade Presale Is Selling Out After Raising $1 Million in Beta Round | Invezz

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metacade presale is selling out after raising $1 million in beta round | invezz


Metacade continues to grab backers’ attention during its beta stage presale, with crypto investors swarming to purchase MCADE tokens at their lowest price. In just three weeks, the presale has smashed the $1 million mark making the blockchain gaming platform one of the hottest new currencies yet to hit the markets.

A handful of tokens is still available at the beta round price of $0.008. Investors are rushing to get their hands on the remaining 10% of tokens at this price before a 25% rise sees it increase to $0.01 per token during the next presale stage.

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The token price will increase 2.5 times by the time the presale concludes, with one MCADE token costing $0.02, so purchasing tokens now is essential to maximise potential returns.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the metaverse’s first virtual gaming arcade, offering rich play-to-earn (P2E) opportunities for gamers and exciting breaks for new gaming developers to earn their stripes. The platform will host the most extensive range of arcade-style video games in the metaverse. In addition, players can compete casually with friends in tournaments against strangers while earning MCADE tokens and connecting with fellow passionate gamers.

As well as being the hottest GameFi space in the metaverse, Metacade’s exciting roadmap includes plans to put the community’s power in the users’ hands, become a fully self-sufficient DAO and provide exciting career opportunities for those seeking Web3 job roles.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and is a one-stop shop for all gaming-related things. The main attraction for most people will be the P2E gaming element, designed to attract casual and hardcore gamers. However, there is much more to Metacade than the choice of games you’d find in a real-world arcade.

The environment Metacade creates removes the barriers between gamers and developers that exist with more traditional gaming. As a result, developers will be encouraged to develop, release beta versions for testing and ultimately refine their games for use within the community. To support this pursuit, they can apply for Metagrants, funding in MCADE tokens that enable their dreams to become a virtual reality.

Entrepreneurs and advertisers provide the funding for Metagrants and other financial rewards offered on Metacade. As a result, Metacade can funnel finance into the self-sufficient ecosystem into the developers’ wallets to help the platform’s evolution and players in the form of rewards. The best part of the Metagrants initiative is that community members vote on all projects, meaning that only the games they want to see come to fruition in the game library.

Indeed, the more gamers interact with Metacade, the greater rewards on offer. In addition to the P2E opportunities, they stand to earn MCADE rewards by providing developers with feedback through backtesting games, writing gaming reviews, and sharing gaming knowledge and social interactions within the hub.

The ultimate goal for Metacade is to create the leading platform for online gamers. The platform roadmap will eventually hand control and the treasury keys over to community members. Gamers will have full voting rights to determine the platform’s future direction. This governance means that Metacade’s evolution into a DAO will allow a thriving dedicated gaming community to take the platform in the direction they desire.

Why invest in MCADE now?

Most blockchain gaming platforms have a limited appeal and shelf life due to a single or limited number of available titles. Metacade is different.

The range of titles available to gamers will be enormous, and the platform’s model encourages further growth and evolution with the continual development of new titles. This growing library of games incentivizes gamers and developers alike to collaborate and provide Metacade with longevity that is missing from many of its competitors.

In addition, Metacade has a rich and multi-dimensional roadmap that will see several iterations of the platform appear as it undergoes its evolution. As a result, investors can see how Metacade will grow over the next few years as it stands at the vanguard of the GameFi revolution, offering investors rich potential rewards.

The best reason to invest in MCADE now is simple. With 90% of the beta presale tokens sold, time is running out to purchase Metacade tokens at their lowest possible price. Anyone taking advantage of the beta presale will see a 25% increase in their MCADE value as soon as the next presale stage opens.

How to buy MCADE tokens

Purchasing Metacade tokens is simple. Presale tokens can be bought at Metacade’s homepage by anyone that has a Wallet Connect-supported crypto wallet.

Anyone wanting to purchase MCADE tokens without a wallet can use Metamask to ensure a smooth buying experience.  

Buyers can purchase MCADE with ETH (Ethereum) or USDT (Tether). First, ensure you have enough of these coins to cover your intended purchase of MCADE tokens. Then, connect your wallet to Metacade’s website to access the DEX and accept the option to exchange ETH or USDT for MCADE.

More details on purchasing MCADE tokens can be found here.


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