Metacade Presale Is Selling Out Fast: MCADE Is Set To Be the Best Metaverse Token in 2023 | Invezz

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metacade presale is selling out fast: mcade is set to be the best metaverse token in 2023 | invezz


With metaverse tokens high on the priority list for many crypto investors this year, some have already begun pointing to Metacade as the top choice, given its epic success in presale. In this article, you’ll learn why Metacade has been attracting so much hype, why you should invest in it, and what analysts predict the future holds for this exciting new project.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is a social hub that’s seeking to revolutionize play-to-earn (P2E) and metaverse gaming. It’s a space built for anyone looking to connect with fellow metaverse explorers and P2E enthusiasts in a vibrant community setting. Alongside standard social features, like live chats, forums, and regular giveaways, Metacade is using blockchain technology to take things to the next level.

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For example, it offers users an exclusive pay-to-play virtual arcade where players can hop on and explore classic titles with their friends, all made possible by crypto and blockchain technology. Moreover, like many other leading metaverse tokens, Metacade is planning to launch a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will allow members to democratically determine the future of their favorite community. 

Clearly, this philosophy has been a hit with investors. Over $3m worth of MCADE tokens have been sold in phase 1 of its presale, and this number is expected to climb as high as $20 million by the time the presale sells out. 

Why Does This Matter?

So why should you care about Metacade in the first place? Simply put, it’s in a very strong position to grow in 2023 and beyond. The metaverse is intrinsically a social experience, and Metacade complements it perfectly, acting as the de-facto metaverse meeting place. 

Additionally, the metaverse and GameFi industries are set to explode over the next few years. A recent report by McKinsey estimates that $5 trillion in value will be created through metaverse adoption by 2030, while Bloomberg forecasts the market could be worth $800 billion by 2024. GameFi is expected to see similar growth, with a report by predicting that the industry will expand from a valuation of $1.5 billion in 2021 to $50 billion by 2025 while accelerating 10x faster than traditional gaming. 

What Makes Metacade (MCADE) the Best Metaverse Token of 2023?

Besides the features discussed, there are a number of other aspects that have led to investors flooding into the MCADE metaverse token. 

Community-First Philosophy

Metacade’s team isn’t out for profit or glory. Instead, they believe that Web3 has the potential to transform the way community hubs are owned and operated and are putting the community first at every step of the way.

Rewards for Your Contributions

This philosophy is demonstrated through Metacade’s community rewards. In return for your contributions to the platform, you can earn MCADE each time you share some alpha, post a review, or interact with the community in other constructive ways. Not only does this reward players of all skill levels, but it encourages users to help one another out.

Multiple Earning Opportunities

Metacade is giving back to the community in more ways than one, however. Besides regular tournaments, competitions, and prize draws, users will be able to discover plenty of opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in Web3, thanks to Metacade’s job board. Launching next year, users will be able to use the job board to find casual gigs, part-time roles, and salaried positions working with their passion.

Funding the Greatest Metaverse and Play-to-Earn Titles

Some have called Metacade the best metaverse token because of this feature alone. Later in 2023, Metacade will be issuing its first Metagrant, a tool that allows users to direct financing to the developers building the best metaverse and P2E games. Users vote on competing ideas, and the winning developer is given funding to kickstart their vision. This idea is a first among metaverse tokens and is likely to propel Metacade’s adoption further. 

A Community-Owned Future

As mentioned, Metacade has plans to become a DAO. Once the development of the platform is complete, the team will be handing the keys over to community members. Elected leaders will then be responsible for implementing the decisions made by the Metacade collective. 

Metacade (MCADE) Could Be Your Best Investment of 2023

It’s clear that Metacade is in an excellent position to dominate the metaverse token space in 2023. With its community-centric approach, several innovative Web3-ready features, and a place in two of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, the MCADE token could return unbelievable gains this year. 

Some analysts have predicted that it could reach $0.20 and even higher by the end of this year. That means if you bought right now at $0.012, you’d be up 1,500% if these forecasts are true! For perspective, a $1,000 investment made today could be worth $15,000, just in time for 2024. With time running out to get involved, take a look at the Metacade presale before it’s too late. 
You can participate in the MCADE presale here.


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