Metacade vs EOS: What makes the tokens so different? | Invezz

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metacade vs eos: what makes the tokens so different? | invezz


During the last crypto bull market, the narrative of the “Ethereum-killer” was one of the most popular around. But in the cycle before that, there was really one project challenging Ethereum for the throne was EOS. That made it one of the best investments of 2017-18.

But is the EOS token still a good investment moving forward? Or will new projects like Metacade and its MCADE token outpace it?

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What is Metacade?

Metacade is a Web3 arcade and community hub offering the best GameFi and P2E projects in a single place that’s accessible to anyone. Metacade is a diverse ecosystem of Web3 gaming content, which has something for every kind of gamer out there. That includes action-packed RPGs and strategic puzzle games, each of which will have innovative Web3 elements such as P2E content and NFTs. With such a wide user base, Metacade is poised to have genuine long-term potential.

The Metacade project is powered by its native token, MCADE. Players can earn MACDE through P2E gaming as well as actions that support the community. And there are more opportunities to earn with competitive tournaments and prize draws.

On top of hosting P2E games, Metacade is also a place where they’ll be created. Metacade offers funding to game developers through its Metagrant system. With this, MCADE holders can vote on which games should get support from the platform. Additionally, game developers have a whole host of beta testers ready to help with their projects.

When you put it all together, you get an up-and-coming metaverse project that could stand out as one of the very best of the next market cycle.

Metacade will be more successful than EOS token – Here’s why

If you’re thinking about investing in either the EOS token or MCADE, then MCADE looks like the way to go. Here are the main reasons why.

Metacade is More Relevant

The EOS token still has a relatively large market cap. As good as that looks, the majority of that is leftover from the hype cycle that it went through when it was challenging Ethereum during the 2017-18 bull run.

Most people have no reason to use EOS. There aren’t any high-volume projects on the platform, and there are no indications that these will be built at any time in the near future. As a result, EOS isn’t talked about much, doesn’t have many users, and it’s unclear what, if anything, could change that moving forward.

That means the EOS token is unlikely to have an increase in users lead to a spike in its token price. Metacade, on the other hand, could absolutely see something like this happen during the next bull run.

Metacade, on the other hand, is addressing a huge market of nearly 3.10 billion gamers across the globe. It brings together the best Web3 gaming content in a single space, which makes it highly relevant to the average crypto user.

Metacade Has a Larger Potential Audience

It’s also worth mentioning that Metacade has a much bigger potential audience than the EOS tokens ever did. That’s because it has something to offer everyone who is interested in gaming, especially those looking into P2E gaming.

Metacade Has More Upside

The bottom line is that Metacade and the MCADE token have more upside potential than EOS. This means that each dollar that a person invests in Metacade is much more likely to increase its price than a dollar invested in EOS. So even if both projects have the same amount of dollars put into them during the next bull run, your investment in MCADE will perform better than an investment in EOS token.

Metacade vs EOS token – Metacade is the Clear Winner

EOS could do well during the next bull market if it’s able to reclaim some of its former glory and start innovating again. But that’s a pretty big ‘if.’

If you’re looking for a project with a massive upside potential that fits the emerging GameFi narrative, then Metacade is likely going to be a better option for you.

Metacade could become one of the top-performing metaverse projects next cycle thanks to its unique value proposition. As such, MCADE is the token to be looking at for those interested in big potential. Check out the following links to learn more about this project.
You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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