Metacade’s presale ends: Prepares for listing amid huge prediction for web3 games

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Gaming platform Metacade (MCADE) has completed its presale, paving the way to the next milestone – listing on major exchanges.

To put it into perspective, the listing for the gaming arcade token starts this week. On April 6th, the token is expected to be available at Uniswap. For the week ending April 16th, the token will be listed on Bitmart and then on MEXC for the week ending April 30th. The anticipated listing comes amid growing demand for gaming despite a prolonged crypto winter.

Gaming grew by 59% in 2022, with huge potential ahead

Web3 games and metaverse projects generated $7.6 billion in 2022, an increase of 59% from 2021. That’s according to a new market report, “Blockchain Gaming,” which estimates the sector will grow to $70 billion by 2030.

The blockchain gaming report highlights key adoption triggers for web3 games as the wider reach, blockchain infrastructure, and a system of incentives. Transparent on-chain transactions also create a reputation for blockchain-based games, facilitating adoption.

Essentially, the growth rate in 2022 underlines that gaming defied a bear market to grow, making it one of the likely sectors to experience big money flows over the next decade. But what do gaming projects like Metacade need to tap into the $70 billion opportunity?

Web3 gaming must prioritize quality – Experts

While the web3 gaming opportunity is huge and largely unexploited, experts believe quality will be key to successful projects. Here, they talk about the enjoyability and sustainability of the games.

Gaming enthusiasts want enjoyable and entertaining games with in-game economics, according to experts. Consequently, analysts point to the growing focus on AAA titles, which are replacing hypercasual games. By hypercasual games, I mean those with simple gameplay mechanics. Instead, web3 gaming enthusiasts are big gamers looking for extra enjoyment and outcomes. For this reason, analysts project arcade games to drive the next-gen web3 blockchain gaming.

Taking the example of Metacade, the project has been making headlines for being one of the most advanced play-to-earn games. It offers an exciting library of titles and gamefi economics. Players simply earn to get entertained. The project’s whitepaper outlines reward models like Creat2Earn, Work2Earn, Compete2Earn, entering prize draws, and staking, making Metacade a unique gaming platform.

Similarly, sustainability is a hallmark of the gaming platforms of the future. Experts say the platforms that will flourish will be centered on the community, with players having ownership stakes. Metacade has the hallmarks of a sustainable project. On its platform, web3 enthusiasts and gamers can collaborate and build exciting relationships. In fact, the project eyes a DAO Governance status by the second quarter of 2024.

Looking across as well, Metacade is sustainable and will run itself without overburdening its users. The revenue models of advertising, job listing, and being a launchpad for other projects enable the platform to be self-sustaining. 

The position of Metacade in web3 gaming

Metacade comes at the right time when web3 gaming is gaining ground. That means it enjoys the first-mover advantage of being noticed and getting adopted early. Web3 gaming platforms like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and The Otherwise have hit successes for being early entrants. 

A newcomer like Metacade could enjoy similar benefits, with an added flair of benefits to users. As such, it could be a matter of time before MCADE positions itself in the web3 gaming sector with its superior in-game economics. As we have seen from the successful presale, MCADE has just scratched the surface. There is more to expect once it hits major exchanges.

Is Metacade a good investment opportunity?

Gaming projects are good investments in general, given the projected demand. However, investors looking for quality projects with the potential to revolutionize gaming should select those with a clear roadmap for sustainability. We already saw that in 2022 as projects with unsustainable economic models crashed. 

Metacade as a project has a strong foundation, with a clear roadmap on how the team will achieve the goals and empower the community. That should be the first indication that this might be a good investment opportunity. Similarly, its native token, MCADE, is only starting on exchanges later this month. It means the token’s price is still low and could open near the presale levels. Buying it early enables investors to earn from value appreciation before the price skyrockets. 


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