Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) jumps 10,000%: how high will it go?

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milady meme coin (ladys) jumps 10,000%: how high will it go?


New meme coin Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) has surprised most cryptocurrency investors and traders after it surged by more than 10,000% in hours.

The surge has through the previously little-known cryptocurrency into the limelight especially following the recent rise in popularity of meme coins like PEPE and KEKE, although the price of PEPE has since dropped 56%.

What is Milady Meme Coin (LADYS)?

Milady Meme Coin, denoted as LADYS, is a meme coin for the Milady NFT collection. Besides being a meme coin, it is self-organized and serves as the drip currency for the accumulation of clout and points for karma, charm, and beauty.

The total LADYS token supply at launch was 888,000,888,000,888 tokens, with 94% of the tokens being deposited in the liquidity pool (LP) for burning. 1% of the token supply was airdropped to all PEPE and Miladay NFT holders.

The remaining 5% of the total supply of LADYS tokens is held in an easily trackable multi-sig wallet and is to be used for future centralized exchange listing, liquidity pools, and bridges.

Milady aims to create merchandise, tools, and an academy dedicated to Milady NFT holders. The ultimate goal is to attain 100,000+ holders and get listed on tier-one centralized exchanges, making $LADYS the quintessential token for internet spirituality.

Why is the price of LADYS rising?

While there is no major crypto news contributing to the sudden Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) price surge, analysts believe the surge could be attributed to the huge PEPE token uptake in the crypto market.

The LADYS token is linked to the PEPE by virtual of 1% of the LADYS token supply being airdropped to PEPE holders. As a result, LADYS could be riding on the success of PEPE thus the current price surge.


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