OKX Founder Refutes Arrest Rumors, Dismisses Allegations as Attempt to Manipulate Market

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okx founder refutes arrest rumors, dismisses allegations as attempt to manipulate market 3

The cryptocurrency industry was rocked by unsubstantiated rumors this week claiming OKX founder Mingxing “Star” Xu had been arrested by US authorities. However, Xu and OKX leadership were quick to deny the allegations, calling them outright falsehoods designed to stir FUD and potentially impact OKX’s native token OKB price.

Rumors first emerged on Chinese social media platforms that Xu had been detained while traveling in the US. As the claims spread without evidence, OKX leadership stepped in to refute the story and reassure the community.

Strong Denials from Top Officials

Alvin, a prominent crypto influencer, was among the first to receive questions about the supposed arrest. He immediately dismissed the notion, stating “I think it’s most likely just a rumor. They are trying to manipulate OKB.”

Gala Wen, OKX’s Partnership Lead, echoed the sentiment. She called the allegations a “big lie,” emphasizing Xu’s active involvement in US operations. “Arrests in the United States are public information, and anyone can check on the government’s website,” Wen said. “Our office in America is very large, and the boss personally comes and handles things.”

Crypto Exchanges Face Regular Rumor Attacks

These unsubstantiated rumors targeting prominent crypto figures are unfortunately common. In 2020, similar claims emerged that Xu had been detained in China when OKX temporarily suspended crypto withdrawals. Both incidents caused market turbulence.

Major exchanges appear to be frequent targets, likely due to their role as the main entry/exit points for investors. Spreading FUD about an exchange founder can shake user confidence and impact the value of its native token.

Without evidence, it’s impossible to verify the true motivations. But the timing and resulting OKB volatility provide clues these were poorly-veiled attempts at market manipulation rather than good-faith concerns.

Regulators Stress Transparency in Investigations

If Xu or any prominent figure was genuinely under investigation by US authorities, more concrete information would be publicly available. The lack of any corroborating official sources corroborates OKX’s denial.

Major financial regulators like the SEC stress transparency when pursuing criminal cases against public figures. Rumors and shadowy leaks undermine due process, compromising the reputations of targeted individuals without an opportunity to formally address allegations.

For the cryptocurrency industry still working to build trust with skeptical observers, baseless rumors threaten wider adoption efforts. Exchanges play a crucial role in the ecosystem and should not face unfounded character attacks looking to manipulate markets.

In this case, OKX and its leadership made the right and responsible choice to swiftly deny the rumors circulating without evidence. The cryptocurrency community now has reassurance from top officials this was simply an attempt at spreading FUD rather than any real regulatory issues. Transparency and truth are key values the industry must uphold as it continues to mature.

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