Omax Coin price prediction and what it means for AltSignals’ ASI token

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omax coin price prediction and what it means for altsignals’ asi token


The popularity of new AI & Big Data cryptocurrencies, like the new AltSignals’ ASI token, has been on the rise since artificial intelligence started gaining popularity after the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT app.

Over the last seven Omax Coin has been the top gainer among top AI & Big Data tokens by market capitalization. OMAX price has surged by over 146% over the past week making it the top gainer in the group. It is followed by Forta (FORT) which has surged by 106% and Agoras: Currency of Tau (AGRS) which has surged by 40% in the last seven days.

OMAX Coin and its relation to AltSignals

Omax Coin is a community-driven token that was launched in November 2021. It is categorized as a top AI & Big Data token by market capitalization. It was initially launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) before the team launched its own mainnet the OMAX blockchain in August 2022.

The Omax Coin (OMAX) is the native token of the OMAX Chain which operates on a system of proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus that supports short block time and lower transaction fees. The chain allows bonded validator candidates of staking to become validators and produce blocks.

Also, it uses double sign detection and other slashing logic which guarantees security, stability, and chain finality. The chain also supports EVM-compatible smart contracts and protocols.

Currently, the OMAX is integrated into the Vending Machines and ePOS system.

Just like AltSignals which is seeking to revolutionize the trading signals space through the integration of an AI-based signal-generating algorithm, Omax plans to integrate its blockchain into the Ecommerce and crypto card space. In essence, Omax aims at allowing users to easily complete their everyday purchases on popular e-commerce and shopping cart platforms using their cryptocurrency holdings.

AltSignals on the other hand aims at streamlining its Forex, stocks, and crypto trading signals services through its new AI-based platform called ActualizeAI which will be powered by the ASI cryptocurrency. The company is currently conducting a presale for the ASI token, which is already in the second stage (Stage 1) after the successful completion of the BETA stage.

The uptake of the new AI-based ASI token among crypto investors has been overwhelming going by the rate at which the presale stages are selling out. The current stage is already almost sold out at 65.67% sold out just days after it started. Interested parties can participate in the presale here.

What does the OMAX Coin price rally mean for ASI token?

OMAX Coin’s price rally over the past few days just confirms the fact that AI and Big Data cryptocurrencies are seeing increased popularity as artificial intelligence technology gathers momentum across the globe, which is a good proponent for the new ASI token.

It is barely about six months since the first AI-based chatbot, the ChatGPT, was launched and a myriad of other AI applications have already been developed and launched including blockchain-AI applications. If the momentum is to be maintained, the ASI token will find a very conducive environment once the presale is concluded and it is listed on decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges.

Should I buy the ASI token today?

Well, the crypto market is quite a volatile market and it carries a lot of risks. Nevertheless, according to the information provided in the official AltSigals website, the price of the ASI token is expected to rise through the remaining presale stages.

The ASI price has already seen its first price rise from $0.012 during the BETA stage to its current price of $0.015. It is projected to hit $ 0.02274 by the time the presale will be coming to an end not to mention future price projections after it lists on CEXs and DEXs.


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