PancakeSwap Unveils Revenue Sharing Program to Reward CAKE Stakers

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pancakeswap unveils revenue sharing program to reward cake stakers
pancakeswap unveils revenue sharing program to reward cake stakers 3

Leading decentralized exchange PancakeSwap has introduced a revenue sharing initiative that allows CAKE stakers to earn a portion of trading fees from the platform’s v3 pools.

The new system aims to provide CAKE holders with additional recurring rewards on top of regular staking yields. PancakeSwap highlighted its significant growth, with over $12.5 billion in v3 volume, as upside for participants.

CAKE price jumped 7% on the news, re-entering the top 100 crypto assets. The program launches as PancakeSwap seeks to expand utility for its native token.

Directly Sharing in Success

PancakeSwap’s new revenue sharing model allows fixed-term CAKE stakers to receive a 5% cut of fees from v3 pairs with 0.01% and 0.05% tiers.

The amount each user gets depends on the size and length of their CAKE stake. Rewards are distributed weekly.

“Fixed-term CAKE stakers now get to share in the growth and success of PancakeSwap directly,” the platform said on Twitter.

The system provides an added incentive to lock up CAKE, on top of regular staking yields. It represents direct participation in the DEX’s surging volumes.

PancakeSwap highlighted that its v3 volume recently crossed $12.5 billion. As the DEX expands, revenue sharing rewards stand to grow as well.

Emphasizing CAKE Value

The revenue sharing announcement aligns with PancakeSwap’s efforts to enhance CAKE utility and value.

The DEX token has lagged peers like Uniswap’s UNI during the market downturn. But moves like revenue sharing, NFT rewards and other perks aim to make CAKE more attractive to hold.

PancakeSwap also emphasized special rewards for early adopters of the program, allocating revenue share from June and July to the first four weeks.

While crypto markets remain challenged, PancakeSwap is focused on product development and incentives. The revenue sharing model provides another reason to stay vested in its ecosystem.

CAKE price immediately reacted positively to the news, climbing 7% to re-enter CoinMarketCap’s top 100 assets. PancakeSwap appears committed to revitalizing interest around its once high-flying token.

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