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polygon vs metacade: two projects to keep an eye on in 2023 | invezz


Having scoured the crypto sphere, and stripped away the driftwood, there are two contenders among our bounty: Polygon and Metacade, two projects that investors should take careful notes on as 2023 fast approaches. 

While Polygon is the more established project, Metacade is a red-hot, up-and-coming platform that is still currently in its presale stage, meaning it has plenty more upside potential in comparison.   

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This article gives a direct comparison of Polygon vs Metacade so you can explore them in detail to learn about any similarities between them and discover more about both of these promising ecosystems.

Polygon vs Metacade: An Overview of Polygon

Polygon (MATIC) is a Layer 2 solution. It runs alongside Ethereum in a more efficient and scalable manner. It could also be referred to as a sidechain. Polygon is essentially faster and cheaper for users with increased flexibility when compared to Layer 1 solutions. The MATIC token is currently available on most large exchanges. 

While Polygon has seen tremendous growth and proven itself to be very popular over the last year or so, the outlook for 2023 might not be as lucrative for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, it saw its price surge early on with the initial growth spike which may indicate slower future growth. MATIC is currently priced at around $0.94 with an all time high of $2.72. At one stage in 2019, it was priced at a mere $0.004, as per data from CoinMarketCap. Those who owned the token presumably gained serious profits in its initial climb.

Currently, however, interest appears to have waned since there are many other Layer 2 competitors in the arena. Furthermore, while it is practical for specific use cases, it does not have particular appeal to larger audiences, such as gamers or Web3 enthusiasts. It is very unlikely to see similar growth spikes in 2023 and beyond, despite being generally regarded as a fast, efficient, and multi-purpose Layer 2. 

Polygon vs Metacade: An Overview of Metacade

The ultimate goal of Metacade is to become the world’s first community-developed play-to-earn crypto arcade. With community at its core, the platform will offer a top location for gamers, developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to connect with each other. It’s striving to become a central hub for everyone to come together and share skills, ideas, goals and more, so aims, primarily surrounding gaming, can be met. 

MCADE holders can stake their tokens to gain even more of them and the token holders can one day have a say in the direction of Metacade, as the platform aims to transition into a DAO. 

Metacade understands that content is also key to its platform and is implementing a work2earn framework. Part of this is the Metagrants system, a source of funding for game developers to build games on the platform. The community votes on how Metagrants are allocated with the best game ideas receiving a vital boost in production. It’s a unique take on development which ensures only the highest quality titles make it into the arcade and are fully endorsed by the communities playing them. 

There will be Web3 job boards, game testing opportunities, competitions, and part-time gig work available through the wider Metacade ecosystem. The project has many aspirations but is taking a robustly practical approach, ensuring that features are present that appeal to distinct groups of investors, gamers and Web3 enthusiasts. Metacade is in a prime position; it is just in time to enter a combination of markets which are set to explode in popularity over the next decade.

The Metacade community is also active on Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Its mantra is “Play, Earn, Build, and Connect”. 

Is Metacade a Long-Term Investment?

Metacade is a great long-term investment when taking into account all this project has to offer. Cryptocurrency tokens are tied to specific industries but few industries are proving to be as lucrative as Web3 gaming. Younger generations have begun pursuing viable careers out of eSports competitive gaming and the play-to-earn concept within Metacade feeds directly into this trend.

The gaming industry has many spin-off industries including marketing, advertising, development, testing, security, etc. With the oncoming metaverse, in-game advertising is going to become extremely prominent. Metacade provides a versatile vehicle in which to implement and help develop these trends, adding to its value as an investment.

A central hub like Metacade is perfectly positioned to attract many Web3 gamers looking for a place to connect, play, and invest in games. The market is not going anywhere but up. and Metacade could be the perfect long-term investment for these reasons. 

It could be a great long-term investment and a great short-term investment, depending on market cycles. 

Polygon vs Metacade: Why Metacade Will Be More Successful

Metacade is likely to be more successful than Polygon for a few key reasons, some of which have already been outlined. To reiterate:

  1. Metacade is in presale, Polygon has already seen its growth spike.
  2. Metacade caters to a specific audience, Polygon is more general. 
  3. Interest has waned a little in Layer 2 chains, while Web3 gaming interest grows and grows. 
  4. The concept of the metaverse is set to explode in popularity and investment, with Metacade well-integrated and in an excellent position to benefit.

In the battle of Polygon vs Metacade, there is a clear winner. And it’s not Polygon. 

Keep an eye on both projects in 2023, but of course, you should always be gravitating to the one with more upside potential, wherever possible. 

The initial presale price for Metacade tokens is 125MCADE for $1, or $0.008 for one MCADE. But by the end of the presale, the price will more than double to $0.02. Clearly, it’s a much better idea to purchase as soon as possible and take advantage of these early bird deals while you still can. 
You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.


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