Price prediction of AI-based cryptocurrency ASI as presale Stage 1 nears end

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AltSignals’ popularity has gone through the roof after it unveiled an AI-powered algorithm powered by an AI-based cryptocurrency, ASI.

AltSignals is conducting the ASI presale, which is currently in Stage 1 after successfully selling out the BETA stage. One can participate in the presale by visiting the official website.

AltSignals AI-powered algorithm project

AltSignals has been a market leader in providing trading signals and developing algorithm-based technical indicators to assist financial markets traders profit from price movements. It started by sending free crypto trading signals but later expanded to Forex, CFDs and shares.

AltSignals provides fundamental and technical analysis and coaches and helps clients with placing trades and profit from the trades. The platform has been generating trading signals using a technical indicator called AltAlgo Indicator.

The AltAlgo indicator scans the financial markets and alerts the AltSignals users when a good trading opportunity appears. The indicator currently uses multiple trading strategies and technical indicators to identify trading opportunities.

Altsignals is now working on an AI-based algorithm to make the signals-generating process more efficient. The AI algorithm will take the best-performing algorithm including the AltAlgo indicator and use that to build a suite of AI products one of them being the ActualizeAI powered by the ASI cryptocurrency.

Besides being an AI-based cryptocurrency, the ASI cryptocurrency operates on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for low-cost token purchases through the AltSignals DEX during the ongoing presale.

Is the AI-based cryptocurrency ASI a good investment?

There are several factors a crypto investor looks at especially when investing in a new crypto project seeing that the crypto market is quite volatile.  And one of those factors is looking for a project whose parent company is trusted and has a strong track record of results, especially with the many crypto scams in the crypto space.

AltSignals has been in operation for five years and it has a proven track record in the trading signals business; meaning it is a trustworthy company.

Also, the information on the AltSignals website shows that AltSignals Binance Spot and Futures signals as well as Forex signals have been consistently profitable month on month with an accuracy of above 42%.

The accuracy of these signals is expected to increase considerably once the ActualizeAI algorithm is completed and integrated into the platform, something which will make AltSignals a coveted platform by many and likely create a surge in the ASI token demand.

AltSignals (ASI) price prediction

The price of ASI has already jumped by 25% from the BETA stage price of $0.012 to the current presale price of $0.015.

The AltSignals presale is divided into five stages: BETA, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4. With one stage already sold out, and the current stage already more than 56% sold out, it shows the ASI token has attracted a lot of investors which shows people have confidence in the project.

Those who invest in the ASI token now stand to still benefit since the token is expected to continue rising through the remaining presale stages and definitely after it gets listed on different crypto exchanges thereafter. The token will be going for $0.01875 in Stage 2, $0.021 in Stage 3, and $0.02274 in Stage 4. By the time the presale comes to an end, the token will have appreciated by 89.5% giving those who invest at the BETA stage an 89.5% ROI.

Although conducting an ASI price prediction post the presale could be somehow difficult since the token will not have sufficient market historical data to use, the ASI price is expected to ride on the rising popularity of AI technology since it is itself an AI-based cryptocurrency and the listing on cryptocurrency exchanges immediately after the presale ends.

According to the AltSignals whitepaper, the ASI token is expected to get listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and Uniswap in the current quarter (Q2, 2023) meaning it is just a matter of time.

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