QANplatform becomes the official Alpine Esports blockchain partner | Invezz

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qanplatform becomes the official alpine esports blockchain partner | invezz

Renault-owned and top 10 Formula 1 constructor team Alpine Esports has selected QANplatform blockchain as its official partner.

The partnership will see Apline Esports use QANplatform’s blockchain to develop use cases that enhance Alpine’s esports offerings. Alpine Esports’ Formula 1 constructor team plays a pivotal role in optimizing race cars and the simulations undertaken by Alpine Esports help in creating highly efficient F1 vehicles.

Real-world applications on QANplatform

The partnership between Alpine Esports and QANplatform will allow Aplineto access QANplatform’s developer-friendly framework to create smart contracts using any programming language. This makes it easier for Alpine Esports Academy members and its fans to easily develop applications on the blockchain’s platform. QANplatform will also provide the Alpine team with secure and fast data that will be used to enhance team performance and organization.

In addition, QANplatform’s quantum-resistant design offers full protection against quantum computing attacks.

Commenting on the partnership, the Head of Esports, Gaming & Web3 at Alpine Guillaume Vergnas, said:

“We saw fantastic engagement with our first Web3 activation during the Alpine Esports Series in 2022 and we want to build on that momentum by offering more gamification in our broadcasts. We also see the business potential behind QANplatform’s technology. The flexibility, speed and security behind the platform will allow us to trial practical use cases for blockchain that we hope will streamline our operations.”

In 2022, Alpine Esports invested in Web3 activations and launched the Alpine Esports Series which saw them offer $100k worth of Alpine Fan Tokens with bundles of $10,000 worth of Alpine rewards and NFTs up for grabs during live streams which dramatically increased the viewership of the broadcast.

QANplatform (QANX/USD) price has surged by 5.48% today to trade at $0.00003063 following the announcement.

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