QNT price movement after Quant and UST partnership | Invezz

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qnt price movement after quant and ust partnership | invezz


Quant (QNT/USD), which is the cryptocurrency utilized as a means of powering Quant Network’s Overledger software solutions, and is finance-oriented, has partnered with UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company.

Quant is a solution that aims to connect different blockchains and enterprise software without requiring an infrastructure. These networks can communicate using distributed ledger technology (DLT) and applicant programming interfaces (APIs).

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QNT, as a cryptocurrency, is an Ethereum (ETH/USD) token that is compliant with the ERC-20 token standard.

Quant and UST partnership as a catalyst for growth

In the latest Quant news, according to an official press release, Quant partnered with UST.

Quant has conducted a strategic partnership with UST, which is a leading digital transformation solutions company, and they have the main goal of providing technical integration and tokenization services to central and commercial banks.

This is also the case for any capital market participants as well.

The services are aimed at aiding financial institutions to adopt digital assets, as they see the benefits of distributed ledger technologies through issuing digital money and tokenizing the existing asset classes for quicker settlement speeds and access to new markets and clients.

Quant will provide the foundational technology, while UST will provide support through a user interface design and further integration.

Should you buy Quant (QNT)?

On November 22, 2022, Quant (QNT) had a value of $101.94.

qnt usd
QNT/USD Chart by Tradingview.

The all-time high of Quant (QNT) was on September 11, 2021, when the cryptocurrency reached $427.42. Here we can see that at its ATH, the cryptocurrency had a value that was $325.48 higher, or by 319%.

When we go over the 7-day performance of the cryptocurrency, Quant (QNT) had a low point of value at $100.59, while its high point was at $122.97. Here we can see an increase of $22.38 or by 22%.

However, once we take a look at the 24-hour performance, we can see that Quant (QNT) had its low value at $100.53, while its high value was at $107.33. This marked a difference of $6.8 or 6%.

With this in mind, QNT can climb to a value of $115 by the end of December 2022, and investors might want to buy QNT as early as possible.

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