Ripple’s XRP, Stellar’s XLM, and IOTA Form Alliance for Potential SWIFT Integration

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ripple's xrp, stellar's xlm, and iota form alliance for potential swift integration
Photo by Rūdolfs Klintsons on
ripple's xrp, stellar's xlm, and iota form alliance for potential swift integration
Photo by Rūdolfs Klintsons on

In a groundbreaking move, Ripple’s XRP, Stellar’s XLM, and IOTA have joined forces to form an alliance aimed at disrupting the billion-dollar crypto market. With the potential integration of the SWIFT network on the horizon, these three prominent blockchain projects are poised to revolutionize the way payments are made via blockchain technology.

The partnership between Ripple, Stellar, and IOTA holds immense promise for the future of blockchain-based payments. The three projects are recognized as key players in the crypto sector, each bringing a unique value proposition to the table. By combining their strengths and resources, they aim to drive widespread adoption and catalyze significant disruption within the industry [1].

ISO 20022 Compliance and SWIFT Integration

One of the crucial aspects of this alliance is the involvement of Ripple, Stellar, and IOTA in ISO 20022, an internationally recognized standard for electronic data exchange between financial institutions. While Stellar and IOTA had to compete for ISO 20022 compliance, Ripple has been a member of the organization since 2020.

ISO 20022 compliance is highly regarded in the financial industry due to its ability to facilitate seamless and consistent communication across various financial systems. The participation of Ripple, Stellar, and IOTA in ISO 20022 opens the door for potential integration with SWIFT, the world’s most widely used global financial messaging network.

SWIFT plays a vital role in facilitating secure communication and settlement of transactions between thousands of banks worldwide. Integrating with SWIFT would grant these blockchain initiatives access to the network’s extensive reach and infrastructure, enabling frictionless cross-border transactions and expanding their user base.

The Power Trio: Ripple, Stellar, and IOTA

Ripple has already established itself as a leading provider of blockchain solutions to financial institutions globally. Its native cryptocurrency, XRP, aims to simplify cross-border payments by enabling fast and cost-effective transactions. Ripple’s partnerships with major banks and financial institutions have solidified its position and instilled confidence within the traditional financial sector.

Similarly, Stellar, an open-source platform, seeks to bridge the gap between existing financial systems and blockchain technology. Its native currency, XLM, supports fast and inexpensive transactions, making it an attractive option for both consumers and institutions involved in cross-border transfers.

In contrast, IOTA deviates from the traditional blockchain architecture by adopting a proprietary technology known as Tangle. Specifically designed for the Internet of Things (IoT), IOTA facilitates secure and convenient microtransactions between computers and devices. This unique feature positions IOTA as a promising solution for establishing a machine-to-machine economy, where devices can autonomously transact and share data [2].

Revolutionizing Cross-Border Payments

The integration of Ripple’s XRP, Stellar’s XLM, and IOTA with the SWIFT network holds the potential to significantly reduce transaction costs associated with international payments. By eliminating intermediaries and leveraging digital currencies, these blockchain projects can substantially lower fees, benefiting individuals sending remittances and businesses conducting cross-border transactions.

Moreover, SWIFT integration could enable near-instantaneous cross-border transactions, eliminating the delays caused by intermediaries and complex settlement processes. This development would greatly enhance operational efficiency for individuals, businesses, and financial institutions, further reducing costs and streamlining international payments.

The alliance between Ripple’s XRP, Stellar’s XLM, and IOTA has set the stage for a transformative shift in the crypto market. With their combined strength and potential SWIFT integration, these projects are poised to lead the way in revolutionizing cross-border payments and driving mainstream adoption of blockchain technology [2].


The collaboration between Ripple’s XRP, Stellar’s XLM, and IOTA marks a significant milestone in the crypto industry. The formation of this alliance holds immense promise, and the potential integration with the SWIFT network opens up new avenues for cross-border transactions. As the power trio continues to pave the way for blockchain-based payments, the future looks brighter for a more efficient and accessible global financial ecosystem.

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