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US multinational financial services provider Fidelity Investments has announced its intentions to launch its own metaverse project, The Fidelity Stack. Using Decentraland’s virtual reality digital real estate platform, The Fidelity Stack is being touted as an “immersive metaverse experience” in which players are invited to complete the Invest Quest challenge.

With another global financial behemoth adopting the power and potential of the metaverse, experts are asking what this means for the wider crypto community. As a new audience becomes exposed to the possibilities offered by the metaverse and the opportunities for new metaverse projects, such as the GameFi platform Metacade are tremendous.

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What is Metacade?

Metacade aims to bring the past into the future with its revolutionary new virtual video gaming arcade by hosting classic arcade games from yesteryear on its new platform alongside modern arcade titles powered by the best in Web3 technology. Their exciting plans look set to transform the landscape for blockchain gaming with their unrivaled legion of play-to-earn (P2E) titles offering gamers the choice of rolling back the years or looking ahead into the future all in one place.

While the platform’s primary focus is launching metaverse P2E gaming into a new stratosphere, Metacade is much more than a one-trick pony. Alongside the P2E mechanics are several other earning strands for community users to collect passive income. For example, their Create2Earn scheme rewards players for sharing alpha, writing game reviews, and contributing to live chats. The more an individual interacts socially with the community, the more they stand to earn crypto rewards.

Other income streams include the Compete2Earn program, where users can stake MCADE tokens, the platform’s native coin, to enter online tournaments and regular prize draws to be in with a shout of winning a share of lucrative prize pots. The Work2Earn initiative is due to launch in Q4 2024. Community users will be able to earn while undertaking gig opportunities, providing beta testing on new Metacade titles, and seeking full-time career opportunities in Web3 development on the hub’s jobs board.

How does Metacade work?

The MCADE token fuels the entire Metacade operation and is funded through several revenue streams. The platform’s community can contribute through the Compete2Earn token staking scheme and take advantage of the vast range of pay-to-play titles on the hub, just as they would in a real-world arcade.

External funding is received through several routes, including selling advertising space to different companies, allowing other gaming firms to launch their games on Metacade through the platform’s launchpad functionality, and charging Web3 companies to post Web3 job vacancies in the hub’s career board.

This funding provides the entire stream of coins which flows into the wallets of the community as crypto rewards and funding – one of the platform’s most exciting features.

Metacade: Driving gaming metaverse project innovation

The cherry on top of the Metacade cake is their innovative Metagrants scheme, which encourages the development of exclusive new P2E titles while promoting the best game development talent to take their next steps into Web3 design. The program launches in Q3 2023.

Developers can apply for grants to support their ventures in creating new P2E games they think the Metacade gaming community wants. The platform has full autonomy to select the titles they want to play and the most popular ideas gain funding before going into production.

The many varied benefits of the Metagrants program will be felt throughout Metacade and in the wider GameFi industry. Metacade receives the best possible new games hand-selected by its users while staying ahead of the pack with the regular release of exciting new titles.

Meanwhile, developers get the opportunity to gain essential work experience in Web3 development, which stands them in good stead to apply for vacancies on the hub’s job board. The wider Web3 community stands to gain from the finest and most innovative new talent driving the industry forward.

Can Metacade take on Fidelity Investments?

The beauty of metaverse projects is that the small guy can take on big business and win. In comparison, Fidelity’s new metaverse project will appeal to those interested in financial services. While Metacade’s broad appeal beyond a single demographic mark it as one of the top metaverse projects in 2023.

Although Fidelity can rely on the vast financial muscle that comes with being one of the biggest financial services providers in the US, Metacade’s community-led approach looks set to become the norm among metaverse projects as users combine to decentralize power from big business and place it back in the hands of the community.

MCADE: The top metaverse project available to buy in 2023

Metacade launched the MCADE presale event recently and quickly gained colossal momentum. The presale is well underway and has so far raised an incredible $4.9m.

Every presale phase is expected to sell out quickly, so investors looking for excellent long-term value would be wise to snap up tokens at the current value of $0.013. The popularity Metacade is building, combined with their plans to take the GameFi industry by storm, makes it one of the top metaverse projects available in 2023, with outstanding long-term prospects for potentially huge gains.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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