Tron (TRX) Price Prediction 2025: Will Metacade (MCADE) Surpass TRX? | Invezz

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tron (trx) price prediction 2025: will metacade (mcade) surpass trx? | invezz


It’s no secret that 2022 has been one of the most challenging years that crypto markets have faced for many years. However, despite fears that this crypto winter could remain in the long term, history suggests that better times are ahead.

In the past, each bull market has been followed by a prolonged bear market which sees prices slump across the board. Market recovery traditionally happens when the Bitcoin (BTC) halving occurs. With the next halving scheduled for early 2024, price predictions for Tron (TRX), and the new kid on the block, Metacade (MCADE), are bullish as we move into 2023.

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MCADE price prediction 2025: Is $5 possible?

With the news that Metacade’s beta presale stage sold out in three weeks and raised more than $1.3 million, forecasts suggest that MCADE’s value will likely surge once the presale event has concluded.

Predictions are that MCADE could break the $1 barrier in 2023, offering presale investors gains of at least 50x before the BTC halving event. Once that takes place, moving into 2025, MCADE can reach $5 and as much as $7 during the next bull market.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the metaverse’s largest one-stop GameFi shop for fans of virtual gaming to hang out and be part of a community of like-minded people. The platform offers the most extensive blockchain-based range of play-to-earn (P2E) games with the opportunity to game casually against friends and family or, more seriously, in online tournaments against gamers worldwide.

As well as the P2E capability, community members can earn through the platform’s Create2Earn scheme, whereby crypto rewards are provided for interacting socially with the hub. Gaming reviews, knowledge sharing, and valuable tips about the platform all earn users passive income. 

In addition, the Work2Earn initiative aims to help the wider GameFi industry by offering job opportunities to community users who want to build a career in the Web3 space.

Plans include becoming a fully-fledged decentralized autonomous organization by Q4 of 2024, when the community will lead the platform’s governance and future direction. 

How does Metacade work?

Metacade is built around a self-sufficient ecosystem that generates its income through one of several revenue streams, including advertising, the release of external gaming titles on the platform, and hosting job adverts. These funds drive the hub’s P2E capability and are reinvested into developing Metacade.

This reinvestment is highlighted in the ground-breaking Metagrants scheme, whereby developers submit applications for funding to support the creation of new exclusive titles for the community. MCADE token holders vote on the project’s viability and appeal, with the most popular receiving a grant to support the design and development. The first Metagrants will be distributed in Q3 of 2023, with the first new titles hitting the platform in Q1 of 2024.

Tron price prediction 2025: Can it make 5x gains?

Tron’s native TRX token is a relatively stable currency regarding price fluctuations, primarily due to its long-term establishment as a reliable blockchain provider. In addition, TRX has proven itself able to absorb volatility in the market due to its high liquidity. While this is good news for existing token holders during bearish market conditions, it also leads to lower gains during bullish conditions.

The high levels of liquidity benefit Tron’s blockchain performance, enabling fast transactions at low costs. However, this also impacts TRX’s ability to rise in the same way that MCADE is forecasted. Experts predict that by the time the 2025 bull market appears, TRX will have increased 5x to $0.26, providing holders with moderate gains.

What is TRX?

TRX is the native crypto coin for the Tron blockchain. Thanks to its impressive transactional ability, Tron is a commonly used blockchain for conducting financial transactions worldwide. Tron’s blockchain hosts many DeFi services and dApps, including decentralized exchanges (DEX), metaverse games, and borrowing protocols.

The impressive speed at which Tron’s blockchain can conduct transactions, up to 2000 transactions per second (TPS), means that it regularly processes hundreds of millions of dollars daily. Compared to Ethereum’s 10 TPS capability, Tron’s value to clients is self-evident. In addition, clients can expect a block finality time of just three seconds.

So, while the Tron price prediction is less bullish than other currencies, its reliable and high-quality service makes it an excellent investment for anyone wishing to experience steady low-risk returns.

Metacade has the most significant potential returns in the coming years

Metacade’s rich project road map, which can be viewed in their whitepaper, could see the platform lead the GameFi sector in innovation and growth over the coming years. With its advanced P2E engine and the range of games continuing to evolve, gamers are expected to flock to the community en masse.

The MCADE token’s current presale value of $0.012 looks undervalued, offering an outstanding opportunity for investors to purchase a high-potential coin at extremely low prices. With the value of MCADE continuing to rise with each presale phase to an eventual value of $0.02 and forecasts predicting MCADE potentially breaking the $1 in 2023, Metacade could be the biggest investment opportunity of 2023.

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You can participate in the MCADE presale here.


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