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best cryptos to buy now for february 2023 | invezz


It can be difficult to decide what crypto to buy now after the crypto bear market. Prices are extremely low across the board, and strong play-to-earn (P2E) platforms all look like they are making major gains over the coming years.

However, some projects look destined to rise more than others, with experts predicting explosive price action for major metaverse gaming projects after the crypto bear market.

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With that in mind, here is the list of what crypto to buy now to prepare for a trend reversal after the crypto bear market:

  • Metacade (MCADE)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • Illuvium (ILV)
  • The Sandbox (SAND)
  • Gods Unchained (GODS)
  • Axie Infinity (AXS)

1. Metacade (MCADE)

In preparation for the end of the crypto bear market, Metacade (MCADE) is one of the best cryptos to buy now. The platform will offer a vast range of different P2E arcade games in a single location. It will also become a community hub for Web3 users, with several ground-breaking features designed to expand crypto-earning potential beyond the metaverse arcade.

The Create2Earn feature will reward users for contributing to the community, through posting game reviews, sharing alpha, or interacting with other users. This feature is designed to boost the overall level of knowledge-sharing in the Metacade and encourage community involvement in the platform’s social hub.

Metacade will also create jobs for crypto enthusiasts through its Work2Earn feature. This will connect users to paid job opportunities in the world of Web3. Users can take on freelance roles at blockchain projects or land full-time positions at Metacade’s partner projects. In addition, users can earn MCADE in exchange for testing out new blockchain games, 

The MCADE presale is a prime investment opportunity, as the Metacade platform is driving growth in P2E gaming directly. It sits at the forefront of innovation in the space, with many different games, job creation capabilities, and a community-driven approach.

The community can vote to provide funding to game developers through the Metagrants program, helping to support the future of P2E gaming directly. At the current price of $5.4m, MCADE looks to have the potential for huge returns, as it could grow to become a leading project in the GameFi sector over time.

>>> You can participate in the Metacade presale here <<<

2. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) is next on the list of what crypto to buy now. It is a decentralized blockchain-based metaverse that has dipped significantly during the crypto bear market. Despite the recent price action, Decentraland is a leading metaverse project that could revolutionize online activity through its virtual reality world.

Decentraland allows users to buy and sell virtual land as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with MANA. Purchased land is fully customizable, meaning anyone can create 3D virtual experiences. As well as this, Decentraland enables the easy monetization of these experiences, which can include pastimes such as gaming, gambling, art galleries, and assault courses.

The platform serves content creators, businesses, and individuals alike by introducing monetizable virtual experiences that are fully immersive. Users can purchase avatars, clothing, and other unique items to personalize their experience, as well as freely explore the Decentraland world to enjoy everything that it has to offer.

For investors looking to find out what crypto to buy now, MANA is a great option because it is currently undervalued during the crypto bear market and demand for virtual real estate is expected to grow significantly over the coming years.

Decentraland remains a top cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with a value of almost $1 billion. The platform could help to drive progress for metaverse-based technologies over the coming years, which is why it makes the list of top cryptos to buy now.

3. Illuvium (ILV)

Illuvium (ILV) is a P2E game that places players in an immersive virtual reality world. It combines an advanced plotline with photorealistic graphics and integrated crypto rewards to deliver a next-generation gaming experience.

Illuvium has been described as the first AAA-quality game to be built using blockchain technology. Players can collect unique items as NFTs and battle against other players directly, as well as explore the open-world map to discover new experiences.

The game also allows players to trade their in-game items, as each NFT is fully owned by players. NFTs can be earned for completing quests and winning battles, as well as purchased to expand each player’s collection through peer-to-peer trading.

ILV lost over 95% of its total value during the crypto bear market, but it never stopped building its P2E game. The project has vast potential for the future, as the game could attract a large and dedicated user base due to its advanced capabilities.

For now, the ILV token is priced at just $52 – significantly lower than its all-time high of $1934. The token has a scarce total supply and deflationary tokenomics, which means that it is likely to recapture a four-figure price level over the coming years. 

For investors seeking what crypto to buy now, ILV is certainly a great option. It is a next-generation P2E game that has major upside potential after the crypto bear market, which gives it a place on the list of what crypto to buy now.

4. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox (SAND) is a virtual reality metaverse that allows users to create 3D gaming experiences. The platform prioritizes user-generated content (UGC), giving players full control over their gameplay experience and total freedom to create anything they like within the virtual world.

The game provides a suite of tools to enable players to build their 3D experiences. All creations can be minted as NFTs and traded peer-to-peer in the platform’s integrated marketplace, which enables anyone to monetize gaming assets and gaming experiences after they have been built.

Experiences in The Sandbox have fully customizable rulesets, which means that the world itself is filled with a vast number of different gaming experiences. Users can build games that have different levels, enemies, utility items, and much more, as The Sandbox enables fully customizable experiences without any prior programming knowledge.

This equalizes access to game development and can boost the overall level of innovation in 3D gaming. The Sandbox is a unique virtual reality world, which is a key reason behind its explosive price action in recent years. Before the crypto bear market, the SAND token had risen by over 200x to become a leading project in the GameFi sector.

SAND is expected to form new all-time highs above the $8.45 mark, which gives it significant upside potential from the current price of $0.56. For investors looking to find out what crypto to buy now, SAND is a great option that could produce major returns over time.

5. Gods Unchained (GODS)

Gods Unchained (GODS) is number five on the list of what crypto to buy now in preparation for the crypto bear market’s trend reversal. The game is an NFT collectible card game that centers around strategy-based battles between players. It is fundamentally a competitive player vs. player (PvP) game where NFT items are used to gain the upper hand.

Gods Unchained is modeled on the successful PC game, Magic the Gathering: Arena (MTGA). The Game Director for the project, Chris Clay, was also Game Director at MTGA. Core MTGA gameplay has been brought onto the blockchain with Gods Unchained, except with added benefits for users.

Now, gamers gain full custody over their battle deck as each card is minted as an NFT. The game is free to play, yet it has integrated financial rewards through the P2E mechanic. This gives players a more sophisticated incentive system as they progress through the game and win battles against other players.

GODS was launched at the end of 2021, which means that it had a disappointing year of price action during the crypto bear market of 2022. However, this does mean that the GODS token seems underpriced for the value that is provided by the platform, making it a top choice for what crypto to buy now before the end of the crypto bear market.

GODS is currently priced at $0.22 and has major upside potential. It could grow past the $7 mark over the coming years as it looks to form new all-time highs after the crypto bear market has reversed its trend. 

6. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a game that involves collecting digital pets called Axies, which are fantasy creatures that can be found in the Axie Infinity virtual world. Players explore the world, complete quests, and can collect Axies as NFTs as a reward for progressing through the game.

As well as this, Axies can be used in PvP battles against other gamers. They can be augmented with additional collectible items, as well as bred with other Axies to create new pets. All Axies are tradeable on Axie Infinity’s marketplace, which gives players a chance to monetize their hard-earned pet collection.

Axie Infinity also rewards players with AXS tokens for the progress they make in-game. Whether completing quests, winning battles, or exploring the world, players can earn financial rewards in the form of cryptocurrency while having fun in this online game.

The platform became one of the most widely-used decentralized applications (dApps) towards the end of 2021. In October of that year, Axie Infinity was attracting over 2 million users on a daily basis. Since then, the AXS token has lost a significant portion of its value, but it remains one of the top GameFi projects on the blockchain.

At the current price of $7.91, AXS looks like a great choice for what crypto to buy now, as the crypto bear market looks to be nearing its end. It has significant upside potential and could reclaim its previous all-time high at $166. The crypto bear market is the key driver behind AXS’s price reduction, so long-term investors have a promising entry position at the current price level for AXS.

What crypto to buy now? Metacade has high potential for returns

The crypto bear market has produced significant downside for all of the projects on this list, except for Metacade. The MCADE token recently started its presale, which could be one of the best investment opportunities of the year.

MCADE is rising from $0.008 to $0.02 during the event, and the MCADE token has the potential to explode to a $5 valuation over the coming years. Metacade looks set to follow in the footsteps of SAND, AXS, and MANA, and could produce over 200x returns for its early adopters. In contrast, the other tokens have plenty of resistance up ahead to reclaim their previous highs after the crypto bear market.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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